What is the warranty period for this Hard Drive ?  (LaCie 2TB Porsche Design P'9233 USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive)

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    It is 2 years, you can register the drive with lacie on their site so you will always no how long you have left.

  • 2-years from date of purchase. When you register the product and sign-in to the LaCie site, you can check on warranty remaining.

  • I can't say for sure on the 2 TB unit but the 500 GB drive has a 2-year warranty. This is not a joke but the drive stopped working 1 day before the 2-year anniversary of the date of purchase from the Apple store. It turns out that Apple put my drive in the store 4 months earlier than my purchase date and LaCie had to be convinced that the drive was only in service for 2 years (less one day!) - I had the original receipt. They replaced the drive and extended the warranty for 6 months. (The service tech who was contacted initially said there would be a 6 month warranty however the paperwork only supported a 90 day warranty. I got satisfaction by complaining to another representative.) Hopefully, this refurbished drive lasts longer than the first one. We'll see; drives are notorious for failing after being put in use for 6 - 24 months (from what I've read).