Will I be able to launch and use Quicken 2006 for PC? Also will I still be able to use my Windows that's already installed in my current Mac

Considering switching to VMware Fusion5 to replace Parallel that will no longer run after installing Mountain Lion.

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    If your current Mac is compatible with Fusion 5 you should be able to run almost all software that is compatible on Windows XP and 7.

    Fusion 5 and Parallels are great emulators. But they both require an additional purchase of Windows Software to be of any value.

    When you say "will I still be able to use my Windows already installed on my current mac", Iwould assume your running Bootcamp. If not let me explain in summary.

    You have a Mac (Capable of running Fusion.)
    You have a Licensed Copy of a Windows that you can install.
    You also have a licensed copy of Quicken that you want to install.

    You would then have a Quicken running in Windows being emulated on a Mac.

    Running a Mac is not running Windows, both are operating systems. They each need additional software to do things. Like Filemaker Pro for Mac is a database and SQL Express is a database for Windows and they only run in their respective environments. If you add Fusion to your Mac you've created a Windows environment inside your Mac and then you could run SQL Express.

    I hope this explains things a little.