Will these work with the most recent (2012) Macbook Air? The new keyboard is a bit smaller.

Moshi 11" ClearGuard Keyboard Protector for MacBook Air

Moshi 11" ClearGuard Keyboard Protector for MacBook Air

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes, it does. The keyboard for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 11.6" Macbook Airs are identical. This moshi cover fits the 2012 Air like a glove.

  • I just received my June 2013 MacBook Air and wondered if this new Moshi keyboard cover would fit. I emailed Moshi, and was assured by Jenny Lambert that it will fit. She wrote, "Our ClearGuard MB fits the newest MacBook Air. Apple didn't make any changes to the keyboard so our current model fits fine." She went on to say that they haven't yet updated the compatibility yet, but rest assured that there will be no issues.
    I was concerned about getting a proper fit, but this assuages my fears. I'll be ordering two, keeping one as a backup. I wonder how many sales Moshi lost so far by being slow to update their compatibility description?

  • How about the June 2013 model?