Will this cable work to connect an iMac (27 inch) with an Alesis Q88 keyboard midi controller?

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    I don't think so, Russell.
    Firstly, the connection is different, as the Alesis Q88 uses a printer-mini-usb type, which is more or less square-shaped, unlike the flat connection at the mini end of the Belkin cable.
    Also, the Belkin 3.0 usb-implementation might not work on the Alesis' 2.0 version.

  • Unfortunately not.

    I don't believe USB 3 cables can be used to connect USB 2 devices, plus the connection types are incorrect.

    You'd need a Type-A-to-Type-B USB cable to connect to the Q88, couldn't find one on the Apple Store to link you to but you'd be able to find them elsewhere easily enough.