Will this case fit the new (June 2013) Macbook Airs?


  • Asked about:  Speck SmartShell Case for MacBook

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    Yes, it does fit BUT it covers one of the two microphones on the left side. It severely reduces the effectiveness of the microphone, sound quality, and noise cancellation.

  • I sent an email to Spec over the weekend and was told that all of their cases will cover one speaker and they are working on a new case that is currently NOT available.

  • Yes it will. Now my new 2013 macbook air is covered. whoever said it covers the 2 microphones must have gotten an old one because i got the new case in blue and it snapped on perfectly without covering any of the two microphones on the left side.

  • It fits the new Macbook Airs 2013 perfectly and does NOT cover any of the mic.

  • Having Just purchased the New Macbook Air, I asked the same question to Apple's customer service advisor. She checked with the sales team and was told YES it is fully compatable with the New 2013 Macbook Air

  • I just bought this case (transparent), it is really pretty fits with the MacBook Air 13 was released in June 2013.

    NO micro or area exit point is covered.

  • i agree with the Best Answer. It covers BOTH microphones!!