Will this work with the iPhone 5?

I see it runs on Bluetooth 4.0, and only works on the 4S (not the 4) for this reason. Given the iPhone 5 also has BT4.0, am I right to assume the Wahoo HR strap will also work with the iPhone 5?

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    Just checked wahoo fitness website, which states it compatible with either the iphone 4S or iphone 5.

  • Yes,I have talked to one of apple's representative and they told me that it works with iPhone 5.

  • Yes, I have connected this BT heart rate strap to an iPhone 5. I had to turn Bluetooth off and on the first time, but thereafter, it connected successfully.

  • Yes, it works great. I've used it several times with my iPhone 5.

  • According to the Manufacturers website, its compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

    I would post the link but it won't let me.