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    Not PRO

    • Written by SIGMUND T from STAVANGER

    lacks key features. We will go back to AVID at our university

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    Tired of apologists

    • Written by Larry T from new york

    It is very tiring to hear the same tired excuses about this mediocre car with a fantastic engine.
    No we don't have a problem learning new paradigms. We've learned it thoroughly and it is crippled. FCPX is simply too clip centric. An editor should be timeline centric. The timeline for editorial is like a score for music.
    FCPX gets raves for its database-like approach to media. As a database programmer I can tell you that their database design is horrific. All the data related to the project is essentially overloaded into the clips/media. It violates all the rules for relational database normalization or even Objected database design
    Imagine building an e-commerce system where there were minimal facilities for creating or tracking orders and all the data related to orders were tied to fields in the inventory database. That's what FCPX is.

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