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    Excellent experience.

    FCP X has come a long way since its debut in 2011. Having used it successfully at the 2012 Olympic Games, we decided to completely switch to FCP X in our post houses in Brussels and in Paris. No regrets whatsoever. Since the 10.1 update it also has become a strong asset in large collaborative workflows and I see more and more television production companies adopting the application. Professional support from Apple has been great for us. FCP X offers the best ROI one can wish.

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    Good once you learn it...

    I was one of the people who disliked Final Cut X because I couldn't do several things. Then, after using it for a while, I figured out how to do those things. If you can learn how to make groups and compound clips (command-g and alt-g, use w to make gaps, and the range tool, r, to export pieces of the timeline) you can do just about everything you did in Final Cut 7.

    I have a few frustrations with FCX, but I had problems with FC7 when I originally learned that. You will trade frustrations for different frustrations, but in the end, you can do much more with FCX than FC7, and faster.

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    The future of editing!

    Many are short sighted because they don't understand the new workflow, but FCP X eliminates a lot of the mindless, tedious work, speeds overall workflow, and makes is easier to get a full production editing and done much faster.

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