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    Poor design leads to failure

    I like the fact that the magnet drops when the cord is yanked because it keeps my macbook pro from accidentally being pulled to the floor by the charger/cord. However, the physical design of this power adapter leads to failure of the smaller cord in a ridiculously short period of time given the cost of the macbook and the replacement cost of this power adapter.

    When it's time to replace your power adapter, go with a less expensive substitute.

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    Turtlenecks like iPhone charger

    For a long time, the iPhone chargers would get what I called a "turtle neck" around the base. The same thing happened with this. I got my MacBook Pro about 4 years ago. It took less than a year for it to turtle neck. The rubber covering around the base has torn over time, and now it's begun sparking from electricity. Unless you are keeping this away from pets and children, I don't recommend it.

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    Like most people my charger is starting to fail in less than a year. Basically charges my laptop whenever it wants. Very frustrating. Please change the current charger to something that won't give out in a short amount of time!!!!!!

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    Poor Quality!!

    I am buying a new power adapter every year, and I am not happy about it! This is my 3rd one. They are not cheap! I like the magnetic attachment, but this product is designed very poorly. There really isn't any alternative to getting another one when the old one stops working.

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    Not Great

    I have kept my MacBook and charger in fantastic shape for two years. This charger is most definitely not made to last. With all that I'm paying for this device the company could create a product that can endure some wear throughout time; especially a product that's crucial to the MacBook's performance.

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