• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    It's so ugly, I returned it without even considering using it.

    The one I ordered was delivered today. Opened the box, removed the cardboard protection and was surpised to see the color deviate from the pictures as much as it did. It's at least three shades (but more like five) than my cinema display. Besides that, it has an uneven paint job, done in a cheap kind of metallic dark grey paint.. As for the design; the edges of the different parts are rounded off in a way that doesn't even closely match the design of apple products. All in all, I was disappointed and I think the item is not worth the money that is charged for it. Two stars, because itstill would probably do what it should; keep your display off of your desk. I've returned it without even considering mounting it on the wall. Pity...

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