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    New MacBook Pro new Moshi Keyboard Cover

    I'm finally replacing my Mid-2009 MacBook Pro which has always had a Moshi Keypad protector and I'm also ordering
    a new Moshi. I love them. I've never had a problem with it sitting properly on the keys and staying there. Yes, after a
    lot of use, or if you're eating something and your fingers are sticky, dirty, etc, they get dirty but they can be washed.
    I wouldn't consider using a new MacBook Pro without one. It's such a small price to pay to protect your computer.

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    The best

    Without a doubt, the best keyboard guard on the market.
    I previously used a thicker silicone keyboard guard, however, that one left an imprint on my MBP screen and made fast typing almost impossible.
    The moshi ClearGuard is thin, doesn't impair the writing speed and rather helps get a better grip on the keys. It also sticks well to the keyboard itself due to the thin glue strips.
    Really well crafted and well thought out.

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    Best keyboard protector out there

    I wanted a keyboard protector and I didn't like any of the silicone ones I found online. I purchased one but it collected dust like there was no tomorrow and each time I closed my laptop it didn't close all the way/left reflective marks on my screen. I came across this keyboard protector and I just wanted something simple, nothing with color, clear - where you couldn't even tell there was a cover on your keyboard. I ordered it and I LOVE it. I've had it for about two years. It's saved my keyboard from a few accidents and when some people use my laptop they don't even know it has a cover on it. It's super thin and easy to clean. I love that it's not the silicone material. It's perfect. I'm extremely picky when I buy things and I promise you this is worth every dollar...and it lasts long!

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    So Great Compared to Other Keyboard Protectors

    Very thin and clear. I'm impressed. - This is all that I ask for in a keyboard protector, but none of the other brands seem to do this. I have bought two other silicone keyboard protectors on Amazon and both of them have had issues, the main issue being that they are extremely bulky and take some adjusting to.

    Although it is very slightly easier to type without Moshi's keyboard protector, the difference is widely unnoticeable compared to the other keyboard protectors I've dealt with.

    The price, in my opinion, is very much worth it. Highly recommended if you are looking for a way to protect your laptop while not giving up the luxury of fast and comfortable typing.

    MY ONLY COMPLAINT IS: Because it's so light, the protector can stick to your fingers every once in a while and pull up from the keyboard. I wish Moshi would make the edges of the protector sticky, magnetic, or heavy so that they would stick down on the edges of the keyboard and the protector wouldn't come up so easily.

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