Twelve South HiRise Stand for iPhone 5/5s

HiRise for iPhone 5/iPad mini

Twelve South

HiRise for iPhone 5/iPad mini installation guide. Remove Base Cap, then remove Hex Tool. Attach Front Support with Screws using included Hex Tool. Insert Apple Lightning Cable through Base and Front Support. Apple Lightning Cable not included. Choose appropriate Lightning Cable Clip that fits the opening of your case. Slide Apple Lightning Cable into Lightning Cable Clip. Insert Lightning Cable into Front Support. Attach Rear Support, adjust to fit and tighten. Push Apple Lightning Cable into groove and attach Base Cap. And one more thing... bring your case.

Fits Incase Pro Snap.

Fits Griffin Reveal.

Fits Otterbox Defender Series.

Fits Apple iPad mini.

Fits Apple iPod touch.

Fits Speck CandyShell.

Fits Twelve South SurfacePad.

Fits Twelve South BookBook.

HiRise for iPhone 5/iPad mini from Twelve South.