are the new Airpods waterproof?

AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

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    They should be fairly be resistant against things like light rain and sweat but nothing anymore severer than that. That means you should not use then in Heavy rain, swimming, or in the bath/shower.

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  • Depends I accidentally put my boyfriends AirPods in the washing machine not knowing they were in there and when I took them out of the charging case the AirPods were completely dry including the case and they still worked perfectly. Definitely wouldn’t recommend but they can take a fair bit of water since they survived the washing machine

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  • I know the word from Apple is that Airpods are not waterproof. But I just left my airpods loose (i.e. NOT IN THE THE CHARGING CASE) in my pants pocket and my wife put the pants in the washing machine. Went through a full wash, rinse cycle. Then a drying cycle in the dryer. And... (drumroll please) they are working perfectly! So impressed with Apple products again and again.

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  • Obviously AirPods are advertised as completely non waterproof. However, I dropped my AirPods in a hot tub and they were completely submerged for multiple minutes. When I pulled them out and dried them off they worked like nothing even happened and charge without problem as well. This is definitely an exception and not the rule but I’m so impressed. Apple always makes high quality products and I’m sure any other headphone would be completely unusable after something like this.

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  • Supposedly they are not but I accidentally left my AirPods inside my pants and completely forgot when I put them in the washer today. Went out to switch the load and saw the pods were in there. Immediately thought I’m screwed and when I placed them back inside the charging pod the small light turned on so I put them in my ear and TADAAA they work! Not saying go dunk them in a glass of water but hey counting this as a blessing! Also, the whole charging pod and ear attachments themselves were washed. So they can take some water.

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  • No, they are not advertised as being waterproof.

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  • I left my Right AirPod inside my pants and wash them accidentally lol but still works perfectly.

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  • I accidentally dropped one in the toilet once, so I (reluctantly) pulled it out, gave it a wash in the sink and put it in my back pocket as I was out at the time (gross, I know).. anyway, I forgot it was there and put my pants through the wash.. hung them on the line outside to dry and completely forgot about the AirPod all together.

    3 days later I remembered and searched everywhere for it but couldn’t find it so I just accepted it was gone and remained using the one that I had left (I assumed it wasn’t going to work after I dropped it in the toilet)..

    I was mowing the lawn about 4 months later and found it in the grass near the fence.

    Works perfectly fine lol! I was amazed to say the least.

    I’m on this thread because I wanted to see if I could use them in the shower.. after what my one has been through, I think I’ll take my chances.

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  • I wore mine in the shower now they do not work if you have the cash to replace them cough cough YouTube ad revenue then go ahead swim with them but otherwise don’t because then you will not have awsome airpods to listen to music with

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  • I can only explain my own experience. My mom decided to put my pants in the wash and my AirPods were in my pockets. When she took my pants out the wash, she didn’t realize my pods were still in the wash. They went through two more wash cycles. My AirPods work perfectly still. I’m still waiting if they may glitch afterwords but they are really resilient. I don’t recommend trying to do the same to see if the same happens to you but I’m happy to say that these AirPods are the best. If these were my earphones, they would have been trashed!!!

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  • Apple says they aren't but I just witnessed differently. Some friends and I were mountain biking on 4/18 in San Diego and one of my friends tried to go through a water crossing at the bottom of a steep hill. The water ended up being several feet deep and ended up sending him over his bars and completely under water! (yes, it was THAT funny!) He lost his iPhone AND his AirPods. He was able to feel around and eventually find his phone but the pods where chalked up as a sacrifice to Davey Jones' Locker... This Saturday, 4/25, another friend and I were in the same area so I thought I went back top the same spot, and see if I could find them. It hasn't rained here for ten or so days so the silt had settled and I actually found them under about a foot of water! When I got home, I wiped them down and put them in a small bag of rice and got them back to him last night, 4/27. He just texted that he charged them last night and today THEY WORK! Amazing...

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  • Their not meant to be but mine have been through a full hour wash in a washing machine and still work perfectly (weren’t in the case just free in short pocket).

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  • it's neither waterproof or water-resistant

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  • No

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  • No

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