Apple Watch Series 3

Good things
come in 3.

See how much you Move, Exercise, and Stand.

Track every way you work out.

Apple Watch Series 3 is Splashproof, Swimproof, and Surfproof.*

Store your favorite songs or listen to over 75 million with Apple music1

Get the exact workout metrics you need. Down to the decimal.

Hello, your wrist is calling.

Text from your Apple Watch.

Unlock your Mac just by wearing your watch.

Ping your iPhone. Hear and see where it’s hiding.

Show your true colors with interchangable bands.

Stay in the know with notifications.

Breathe easier with guided mindfulness.

Track your menstrual cycle with a tap using your Apple Watch series 3.

Call emergency services right from your wrist.

Keep an eye on your heart with heart health notifications.

Get the sleep of your dreams with the Sleep app.

See Apple Watch
Series 3 in AR.

Just open this page in Safari on
your iPhone or iPad.