Work on all your projects at once, with apps that run faster, while you finish that email you started on your iPhone, without stopping to charge — all day.

Mac does that.

New chip, next chapter.

The M1 chip changed the game. And the M2 chip brings even more speed and power efficiency.

Multitask superfast with the M2 chip.

The unified memory architecture of Apple silicon gives you incredible speed and makes multitasking across
multiple apps superfluid.

Excel runs and runs and runs on Mac.

Mac runs the apps you need like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, SAP, Dropbox, Microsoft Outlook, Box, OmniPlan . . . the list goes on and on.3

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New York

22 hours4

Mac + iPhone.

Copy and paste, sync edits, and continue conversations as you work across your Apple devices.

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Super secure out of the box.

You’re protected from malware and viruses, personal info stays personal, and Touch ID keeps your passwords at the tip of your finger.

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The most innovative companies run on Mac.

84 percent of the world’s top innovators, including SAP, Salesforce, and Target, deploy Mac at scale.5

The easiest computer to manage.

IT can provision and deploy Mac in five minutes with zero‑touch deployment and mobile device management.6

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Mac saves money.

With fewer support tickets to resolve, Mac is 3x less expensive to support.6

More employees Mac.

Talk to your manager about offering the choice to work on Mac.

There’s a Mac for every job.

MacBook Air (M1)
It’s in the Air.

13.3-inch Retina display7

Powered by the Apple M1 chip

Up to 18 hours of battery life8

Up to 16GB unified memory

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MacBook Air (M2)
Don’t take
it lightly.

13.6-inch Liquid Retina display7

Powered by the Apple M2 chip

Up to 18 hours of battery life9

Up to 24GB unified memory

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MacBook Pro 13”
Pro anywhere.

13.3-inch Retina display7

Powered by the Apple M2 chip

Up to 20 hours of battery life4

Up to 24GB unified memory

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MacBook Pro 14” and 16”
for pros.

14.2-inch or 16.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR display10

Powered by the Apple M2 Pro chip
or Apple M2 Max chip

Up to 22 hours of battery life11

Up to 96GB unified memory

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iMac 24”
All in color.

24-inch 4.5K Retina display12

Powered by the Apple M1 chip

Up to 16GB unified memory

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Mac mini
Huge performance.
Mini footprint.

Powered by the Apple M2 chip
or Apple M2 Pro chip

Up to 32GB unified memory

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