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Comprehensive app redesigns for more information at a glance. Advanced metrics, views, and experiences for cyclists. And insights for mental and vision health. It’s the biggest update since the introduction of Apple Watch.

More useful, more powerful

Apps that leave no corner untouched.

The apps you love, with a whole new look

Virtually every app has been rethought. Now apps use the entire display to create places for content, so you can see and do more, faster than ever.

Smart Stack keeps you in the know

Get the information you need, right when you need it, from any watch face. Simply turn the Digital Crown to reveal widgets in the Smart Stack.

animation of Apple Watch face displaying smart stack feature

A faster way to access Control Center

Activate Control Center from any app, simply by pressing the side button.

Watch Faces

Happiness is Snoopy on your wrist

See Snoopy and Woodstock react to the weather and even get active with you.

Palette watch face

View time as a range of beautiful colors that shift throughout the day, using three distinct overlapping layers.


See your metrics with compatible Bluetooth accessories

Automatically connect to Bluetooth-enabled accessories to add cadence, speed, and power to your Workout View.

Power Zones Workout View

When a power meter is detected, Apple Watch will automatically estimate your Functional Threshold Power — the highest level of intensity you can maintain for an hour. This information enables Power Zones, to show which zone you’re in and track how long you spend in each zone to improve your performance.

Apple watchface displaying a power meter, part of the power zone workout view

Your cycling metrics, optimized for iPhone

Start a cycling workout from your watch and it will automatically show up as a Live Activity on your iPhone. Tap it, and it will take over the entire display, making it easier to see your metrics while on a ride.

An Apple Watch and an iPhone displaying live cycling metrics


Additional views in the Compass app

See a three-dimensional view of where you’ve been using Elevation View. Get estimates of where you last had reception with Cellular Connectivity Waypoints. And stay connected with a waypoint that lets you know where you can make an emergency call.

A picture of a compass with icons of a cellular connectivity and an SOS waypoint

Trail information

Search for and discover important details of nearby trails in the U.S., including name, length, elevation information, photos, and more.

A front view of a watch with the name of a trail and its distance

Topographic maps

Explore mountains, valleys, lakes, and rivers in the U.S., including trails, contour lines, elevation, and points of interest.

A front picture of a watch showing trails, contour lines, elevation, and points of interest

Elevation alerts

Get notified when you’ve passed a particular elevation threshold.

Emotional awareness

Reflect on your state of mind to build resilience and improve your wellbeing.

Log your state of mind

Scroll through engaging visuals to help you select how you’re feeling to log your momentary emotion and daily mood. Stay consistent with notifications and complications on your watch face.

Insights into your mental health

In the Health app on iPhone or iPad, see how your state of mind may correlate with lifestyle factors like time spent in daylight, sleep, exercise, and mindful minutes.

Graph displaying state of mind and exercise minutes data

Built for privacy

Your mental health data stays on your device and is encrypted when your Apple Watch is locked with a passcode. And it’s never shared without your permission.

Reducing the
risk of nearsightedness

A helpful tool to shed light on myopia.

See time spent in daylight

Myopia, or nearsightedness, typically starts in childhood. But one way you can help reduce the risk is by encouraging your child to spend more time outdoors. The ambient light sensor in Apple Watch can measure time in daylight.1 With Apple Watch For Your Kids, you can keep track of it even if your child doesn’t have an iPhone.

A front view of a watch and an iPhone. The iPhone demonstrates how much time has been spent in daylight

Apple Fitness+

Stay consistent with Custom Plans

Select your personal workout preferences, including the days, workout durations and types, trainers, and music, and Fitness+ will create a Custom Plan to keep you on track.

A front view of an Apple Watch and an iPhone. Each has a picture of a custom Plan on it


Stack multiple workouts and meditations to quickly and seamlessly move to your next activity.

A picture of three different workouts stacked on one another

And so
much more.

Workout APIs.

More powerful motion sensors in Apple Watch Ultra models, SE 2, and Series 8 and later can detect rapid changes in direction and acceleration. These enable developers to create new experiences for sports like golf and tennis. And popular training platforms like TrainingPeaks can allow you to import your scheduled workouts directly into the Workout app.


Apple Watch offers enterprise customers features to enhance productivity, including hands-free communication and the opportunity to respond to notifications on the go. watchOS 10 introduces the ability to implement mobile device management (MDM), configure VPNs, and deploy internal-use apps, so Apple Watch can further help improve employee wellness, productivity, and safety monitoring.

Offline maps.

In iOS 17, you can download maps on your iPhone and use them while offline. You can use downloaded maps on your Apple Watch to navigate and view detailed place cards when your iPhone is turned on and in range of your Apple Watch.


Easily share your contact information with a new friend. Just tap the My Card complication and bring your Apple Watch face to face with their Apple Watch.2

Video message playback and audio calls.

If someone leaves you a recorded video message on FaceTime, you can view it directly on your Apple Watch. Group FaceTime audio calls are also supported.

Follow-up medication reminders.

To help you stay on track, you can choose to receive a follow-up reminder if you haven’t logged a scheduled medication, vitamin, or supplement. And you can set these reminders as critical alerts.3

watchOS 10

Find your Apple Watch model

watchOS 10 requires iPhone XS or later with iOS 17 and one of the following Apple Watch models:

  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch SE
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Apple Watch Series 8
  • Apple Watch Series 9
  • Apple Watch Ultra
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2

Not all features are available on all devices.

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