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Transmetteur Bluetooth AirFly Pro de Twelve South

  • 69,95 $
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AirFly Pro - Connect two headphones to any headphone jack

Twelve South presents

[Woman holds AirPods]

[Woman inserts AirPods into her ear]

[Woman tries to connect her AirPods to airline screen with frustration]

[Woman holds AirFly]

[AirFly connects her AirPods with the screen allowing her and her child to hear what’s being displayed]

[Man connects AirFly to a treadmill]

[Man smiles while enjoying his run]

[A plane lands]

[AirFly allows two women to listen to their iPad while wearing two separate sets of headphones]

[AirFly Pro]

[Use AirPods or wireless headphones with any wired headphone jack]

[Connects two headphones with 16 hour battery life]

[Transmits and receives audio]

[Man arrives at the airport in his car to pick up passengers]

[Woman holds AirFly]

[Woman connects AirFly to the car’s auxiliary port allowing the passengers to play music from their phone]

[Car drives away into the sunset]