A plan to bring Apple to your school.

We’re committed to helping every school experience the transformational power of Apple technology. That’s why we work closely with you to understand the unique challenges in your institution and recommend the best products and services for achieving your goals. We also design financing options that make sense for your budget cycle and offer ongoing support for teachers, students and staff.

For institutions

Visit an Apple Education Specialist to speak to a Specialist about purchasing and deploying devices for your school.

Find an Apple Education Specialist

Speak to an Apple Education Specialist for help with products and solutions

Apple Education Specialists offer more than products. They can also provide consultancy, ongoing support and services based on your school’s needs. Staff have a deep understanding of Apple products in education and how to successfully deploy devices in schools of all sizes.

Find an Apple Education Specialist

Get special pricing on personal purchases for educators.

Special pricing for individuals in education is available to university students, students accepted to university, parents buying for university students, teachers, staff and homeschool teachers.

Education pricing for individuals

Apps at a volume discount.

We’ve worked with developers to help schools save money when they purchase apps in volume. After setting up an Apple School Manager account, you’ll get a 50 per cent discount on most app purchases of 20 or more.

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