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Berwyn South School District 100
Berwyn, Illinois, United States

Deeper engagement.

Higher achievement. With iPad.

1:1 iPad for Students
2:1 Mac and iPad for Educators

In a suburban city outside Chicago, Illinois, is Berwyn South School District 100, with six elementary schools, two middle schools and over 300 teachers serving more than 3,100 students. Despite the fact that it’s a lower-funded school district, its leadership has always strived to ensure its students have equal access to the best tools. Over a decade ago, they set out to bring technology in with a 1:1 Mac pilot programme in a single classroom. Today, the district is 1:1 or higher for every student and educator.

Superintendent Mary Havis believes the most critical thing is to ensure that students are learning, and to do that you have to make sure students are engaged. This requires tools that encourage collaboration and inspire creativity. With iPad, teachers enjoy more flexibility in how they present their lessons, and students have more versatility to express their learning in their own way.

The district offers a dual-language programme, providing students with the opportunity to keep their first language as they study English. With the ability to switch keyboard and region across the system, iPad makes it easy for students to type, draw or dictate in whatever language they choose. And teachers love being able to toggle back and forth just as easily. Leticia Valadez, Principal at Komensky Elementary, says, “I think that the iPad breaks down barriers. It levels the playing field for all students and allows them to reach their fullest potential.”

Superintendent Havis believes in the power of ongoing professional learning and coaching. She wants to create an environment where everyone is a learner and where everyone continues to grow. Berwyn utilises everything offered by Apple’s Professional Learning — including helpful resources, an online community, in-person coaching and more. The district is also a strong proponent of the Apple Learning Coach programme, creating technical expertise at the district- and school-wide levels, so help is always nearby for teachers when challenges arise.

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Learn more in another video. See how Berwyn engages teachers with Apple Professional Learning.

All this is making a real impact. Komensky Elementary received an “Exemplary” designation by the state of Illinois in 2022, meaning it performed in the top 10% state‑wide, with no underperforming student groups. With all eight schools in the district designated as Apple Distinguished Schools, there’s no stopping Berwyn.

“Apple helps us foster an environment in a way that transforms learning in our classrooms. You see students collaborating and really invested in their work — that’s when you know learning is happening.”
Mary Havis Superintendent, Berwyn South School District 100


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