Push your music as far as it can go. Every step of the way.

A complete professional recording studio right on your Mac, Logic Pro X gives you everything you need to go from first inspiration to final master.

Find your groove. Right from the start.

Jump-start your ideas any way you want. Begin with drums. Explore samples and loops. Add virtually any software instrument to your arrangement. And with 64-bit architecture, you’ll have the power you need to handle projects of any size.

Powerful beat creation.

Drummer gives you powerful technology for creating organic-sounding acoustic drum tracks or kicking electronic beats with remarkable ease. Using Drummer is like hiring a virtual session drummer or collaborating with a highly skilled beat programmer to perfect your song or dance track. Choose one of 28 drummers, then provide direction. Get more fills, increased intensity, or heightened complexity to match the song and section. Push, pull, or humanize the timing. Even direct the drummer or programmer to take inspiration from another track in the song.

These jaw-dropping sounds are completely customizable using Drum Kit Designer for the acoustic kits and Drum Machine Designer for the electronic drum tracks. The drummers bring their own setups, but you can swap out individual drums or shape the sound to match what you hear in your head. The tonal variety and possible configurations are nearly endless.

Alchemy. A synth powerhouse.

Alchemy, the ultimate sample-manipulation synthesizer, is the most powerful instrument in Logic Pro X. It comes with an enormous library of over 3000 sounds and a keyword browser to quickly zero in on what you’re looking for. Powerful Performance Controls invite you to explore and play with the sounds you choose. Alchemy is a monster of a synth with multiple sound-generating engines, including additive, spectral, formant, granular, and virtual analog. It’s also a robust sampler that can import EXS24 instruments. Groundbreaking morphing and resynthesis features let you manipulate and combine samples in extraordinary new ways. And the vast number of filters, modulation routes, arpeggiation options, and effects makes for limitless possibilities.

Build your own wall of sound.

Logic Pro X has an enormous collection of plug-ins and sounds to help you flesh out your ideas. Put a chord through the Arpeggiator and experiment with new sounds. Audition one of 1800 Patches, instruments, and effects for voice, bass lines, brass, strings, woodwinds, and so much more. And explore a collection of more than 5600 electronic and urban loops, covering everything from Hip Hop to Electro House, Dubstep, Modern R&B, Tech House, Deep House, and Chillwave.

The power of Patches.

The Logic Sound Library includes over 2000 Patches that instantly call up sophisticated, multichannel sound and effect configurations. The bundled Patches take full advantage of the rich collection of Logic Pro X plug-ins, and each loads with a custom set of Smart Controls so you can easily customize the sound to fit your creative needs. When you come up with your own great sound, save it as a Patch. Then you’ve saved your track or multichannel Track Stack and all the processing, Mixer routing, and Smart Controls that come with it.

Smart Controls. The fastest way to shape your sound.

Smart Controls are innovative sound-shaping tools that let you make simple or elaborate creative changes without having to dive into multiple plug-in interfaces. A single Smart Control can adjust several plug-in parameters at once, so it’s much easier to create complex transformations. And Smart Control mappings can be customized to suit your workflow — just choose from a variety of themed knobs, buttons, and backplates to reflect the type of instruments or effects being controlled.

The ultimate way to record.

Seamless punch recording. Automatic take management. Support for pristine 24-bit/192kHz audio. Logic Pro X makes it all easy to do — and easy to undo. With over 250 audio tracks available and the ability to run hundreds of plug-ins, you’ll always have what you need to complete your project. The unique Low Latency mode temporarily bypasses plug-ins that add latency, so players can give their best performance. And with Logic Remote, you can engineer it all on your iPad Pro, iPad, or iPhone from anywhere in the room.

Build, organize, and manage tracks.

Keep your sessions better organized by consolidating multiple related tracks — for example, all the drums or vocals — into a track format called Track Stacks. Choose to have the tracks routed to a new auxiliary for quick and convenient submixing. Use Track Stacks to create rich, layered, or split instruments that are easy to manage, save, and reuse. And your Track Stack can be collapsed for simplicity or expanded at any time for more control.

Other track-based features add even more functionality. Choose a track as the Groove Master for your song, then select any other track to follow and adapt to its timing. Use the new Arrangement Track to quickly move or delete the verse, chorus, bridge, or any other section of your song. Now that volume, pan, and send controls can be right in the track header, you can also quickly adjust tracks before going to the Mixer for deeper control.

Music and sound for picture.

Whether you’re an aspiring film composer or just want to lay some tracks for a five-minute video, Logic Pro X makes scoring and sound design easier than ever. Import any QuickTime movie or, if you’re editing with Final Cut Pro X, import XML to re-create your video project right in Logic Pro X. Multiple display options let you view your video full screen or within an embedded window, making it easy to visually spot your sound effects to a specific frame. Logic Pro X automatically generates specialized SMPTE‑locked Scene Markers — or you can insert your own — to identify key transitions in the video. And Beat Mapping makes it easy to create tempo maps that line your music up to those transitions. When it’s all done, you can export directly into the movie file or send XML back to Final Cut Pro X to complete your video edit.

Logic Remote.

With the Logic Remote app, you can use your iPad Pro, iPad, or iPhone to control Logic Pro X on your Mac. Play any software instrument from your iPad or iPhone with Smart Controls right above the instrument you’re playing, so it’s incredibly easy to shape your sound as you go. The large display on iPad Pro extends your playing range on Touch Instruments, with additional keyboard keys, guitar frets, and more. iPad Pro increases the number of Mixer faders available simultaneously — each with a longer fader for more precise mixing. And your favorite shortcuts are accessible from key command buttons now integrated into the Smart Control and Touch Instruments views. On iPhone, Logic Remote provides easy access to transport, navigation, mixing, and automation controls in a streamlined interface designed for a smaller screen.

Edit in perfect rhythm.

Logic Pro X lets you polish performances in no time. Quickly make complex adjustments and edits to timing, pitch, and more. And easily assemble the perfect comp from multiple takes. All with a powerful set of tools that let you focus on what you want to do — not how to do it.

Get the most out of MIDI.

Logic Pro X goes well beyond the average sequencer with an advanced set of options that let you record, edit, and manipulate MIDI performances in just about any way imaginable. Transform a loose performance into one that locks tight into the groove using region-based parameters for note velocity, timing, dynamics, and more. Tighten up your MIDI performances while preserving musical details like flams or chord rolls with the unique Smart Quantize option. Note Repeat and Spot Erase enable you to create beats or keyboard parts in real time using old-school drum machine–style sequencing techniques. See and edit MIDI as beams in a classic piano roll style, as steps in rows, or even as standard music notation. Shape MIDI controller and pitch bend data with a breakpoint graph directly on each MIDI region or below the notes in the Piano Roll Editor.

Music notation the way it should be.

Instantly convert any MIDI performance into notation or use extensive step input options to enter the music manually. Then you can edit those parts, knock out lead sheets, or create elaborate orchestral compositions using a complete set of music notation tools — from comprehensive layout and print options to instrument transposition, drum notation, and adaptive lyric input. Staff Styles let you tailor the size, clef, transposition, and other details for a particular instrument and save them for easy recall. Instrument Sets let you switch quickly between viewing, editing, and printing any subset of your ensemble. And an extensive set of features for guitar make it easy to generate tablature, insert Chord Grids from a library of over 4000 chords, or notate every hammer-on and bend in that wild solo.

Spend less time on timing.

Flex Time allows you to quickly manipulate the timing and tempo of your recording for the tightest performance possible. Easily move the individual beats within a waveform to correct drum, vocal, guitar, or any other kind of tracks without slicing and moving regions. In one move you can fix the timing of an entire performance and watch notes and beats align to the musical grid. You can slow things down to help punch in a difficult solo, then bring everything back to the original speed. And experiment with different tempos by slowing down or speeding up entire multitrack projects.

Perfect the pitch.

Say you record a vocal performance that’s less than ideal. Flex Pitch lets you edit the pitch and level of individual notes quickly and easily. Simply roll over any note and all parameters are immediately available for tweaking. Use contextual controls to fine-tune or shape notes and adjust the gain. Smooth out, increase, or pull back vibrato. And create or remove pitch slides between notes. You can also change a melody by dragging notes in the Piano Roll Editor — or play the desired part on your MIDI keyboard and the recorded part will adapt to your performance. Pitch quantize controls let you quickly snap selected notes to a definable key and scale.

You can also use Flex Pitch creatively. Just convert an audio track — even a vocal track — to MIDI, then explore it as a synth or software instrument melody. And see where it takes you.

Quickly create great comps.

Quick Swipe Comping lets you swipe over the best sections of each recording to create a seamless comp, complete with transition-smoothing crossfades. Flip a switch to temporarily disable Quick Swipe Comping when you want to cut, move, or delete all or part of any take region. Multiple comps and Autosave let you experiment without worrying about losing your work. And you can use Track Grouping to synchronize your selections across related tracks, such as a multi-mic recording of a vocal group.

Easily render when you want.

Use comprehensive, offline bounce-in-place features to facilitate creative sound design or project collaboration. Twist and transform audio, then permanently apply those effects on single or multiple regions at once, so you can edit them with the effects baked in. Easily prepare stem files for sharing, and select whether bounced files include effects or automation or retain the natural effect tail from a delay or reverb.

It’s never too late to fix your groove.

With just a few clicks, Drum Replacer lets you replace or double problematic drum tracks with triggered samples. You can get creative with it, too. Transform an acoustic bass drum into an electronic kick or reshape or thicken a snare. It’s easy to dial in the best setting, thanks to a graphic of the detected transients that updates automatically as you adjust the threshold. Choose from 30 drum sounds in the Sound Library or add any of your favorite recordings or samples.

It’s all in the mix.

Hundreds of input channels. Dozens of mix groups. Plenty of sends and auxiliaries. Dynamic channel strip creation. Powerful automation and track management. And full surround capabilities. Logic Pro X brings it all together in a straightforward, customizable layout that makes it easy to focus on any part of your project.

Powerful Mixer.

Create whatever configuration you want with tracks that support full latency compensation to keep everything in perfect sync. Time-saving features let you do things like select a group of tracks — all the vocal or drum tracks, for example — and create a single submix with a few clicks. Record busses and integrate outboard hardware into your mix. And mute solo tracks or individual regions. Logic Pro X automatically creates auxiliary channels when you need them. In fact, Logic Pro X lets you do anything you’d do in a major studio — all with just your Mac.

Automation done right.

Automation in Logic Pro X is straightforward yet deeply powerful. You can easily record changes to any channel strip or plug-in parameter on the fly. So you can ride something, like the feedback on a tape delay, the same way you would a fader or pan. You don’t have to configure anything or define parameters. Just enable automation, press Play, and make your changes. You can also create and edit automation graphically.

Group your tracks.

Track Groups make it easy to work with related tracks, like a set of background vocal tracks or a multitrack drum recording. When you’re adjusting the channel strip for one track and you want the changes to show up on other tracks, just assign them to the same group. The Group window makes it easy to access all the group functions and hide or rename a group. And you can work with the Group inspector right in the inspector panel or break it out as its own window. Logic Pro X also offers classic, console-style VCA faders to help control complex mixes.

Packed and ready to go.

Patches let you pack up the processing, mixer routing, and Smart Controls associated with your tracks — with one click. So you can easily save and load extensive drum-recording configurations, detailed setups for multitimbral and multi-out software instruments, or a cool layered synth sound. Then use them in MainStage or to jump-start a new project.

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