Build breakthrough apps for your employees.

Learn about in-house app development for iPhone and iPad.

Some of the best, most innovative in‑house apps can fail to achieve the business adoption or return on investment if users don’t know about them and how to get them onto their device. There are endless ways you can communicate the availability of the solutions to your users. Here are a few ideas that you can consider in assembling your own app announcement and communication package:

  • Consider promoting your latest and greatest in-house apps on your company intranet
  • Create a dedicated area of your intranet site just for iOS apps, and allow users to post comments, participate in forums, etc.
  • Provide a video "demo" of your app in action which can help users understand the power of the solution
  • Emails and newsletters are always good ways to raise awareness
  • Posters and other environmental graphics can often help employees discover your app as they move about your office or corporate campus
  • When possible, send your users push notification messages of new apps as they become available or have major feature enhancements
  • Supplement your internal app catalog with screenshots and video demos of your app so your employees can learn more about its purpose

Deployment Checklist

By the end of the deployment phase you should have completed:

  • Performance testing and debugging your app

  • User interface testing and final review

  • Beta trial period to capture user impact and discover any additional bugs

  • Creation of enterprise certificate and provisioning profile

  • Established a distribution web server or solution for wireless app distribution

  • Announced your solution to your end-users