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See the latest updates in iOS 9.3

You’ll find significant improvements to Notes and Health. And a new feature called Night Shift may even help you get a good night’s sleep.

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What’s new in iOS 9.

iOS 9 brings you refinements at every level — from the apps you see on your Home screen down to the foundation of the system. Proactive suggestions keep you on track, and multitasking on iPad hits an all-new high with Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture. All these enhancements enable your devices — and you — to do so much more every day.

See what’s new in iOS 9

What is iOS?

iOS is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, and it’s the foundation of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It comes with a collection of apps and features that let you do the everyday things, and the not-so-everyday things, in ways that are intuitive, simple and fun.

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Easy to update.

iOS updates are free. And they’re available to download wirelessly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch the moment they’re released. Your device even alerts you when it’s time to get the latest version. So you won’t miss out on all the amazing features and security enhancements in new updates.


With HomeKit, you can connect and control things in your home like lights, appliances and locks — so they all work together in smart and convenient ways.


The Health app brings data from health monitoring devices and your other health and fitness apps together — in one easy-to-read dashboard. And behind the scenes, HealthKit enables all those apps to work together. There are over 1,500 health-related apps available for download at the App Store, and more are added every day.