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This group defines the architecture for some of Apple’s most critical system-on-chip (SoC) designs. They develop compute and memory subsystems and also create the algorithms for platform power, performance, and thermal management. Their efforts, right here in Israel, helped define a whole new category with Apple Watch and are now directed toward future products. Join them and you’ll work together side by side to share insights and track your designs as you turn the best ideas into the best products. Areas of work include SoC Architecture, Platform Engineering, Power Management Architecture, Fabric Architecture, Display Architecture, Microarchitecture, GPU Systems Architecture, Wireless Systems Architecture, Modeling Architecture Engineering, and Algorithm Development.

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Camera Technologies

This team creates new vision technology, such as the groundbreaking TrueDepth camera technology in iPhone X. This is a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary group that develops technology from the definition stage all the way through the hardware, algorithm, software, and production processes. Join them and you’ll work with physicists, architects, and many others to reimagine experiences in AR/VR, machine vision, and other domains for people around the world. Areas of work include Image and Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Optical Design, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Design Architecture, Silicon Design and Verification, Validation and Quality Assurance, Manufacturing Process Engineering, Systems Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning continues to grow in importance for virtually every Apple product and service, so your contributions in this field can make an impact on the whole company. This team develops algorithms and tools for large-scale machine learning systems. They’re a multidisciplinary group of researchers and system builders who collaborate with academia and also with the open source community on projects such as Turi Create and Core ML. Join this team to work on developer tools, data science, and deep learning for large-scale problems, all with the help of privacy experts to ensure users’ privacy is respected. Areas of work include Machine Learning Infrastructure and Tools, Computer Vision, Time Series Analysis, and Anomaly Detection.

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SoC Development

Join the group that designs state-of-the-art SoCs and pioneers new design methodologies. They prioritize high performance and extremely low power to achieve the best processing efficiency for hundreds of millions of devices. This collaborative team is responsible for the design process from architectural specifications through design, validation, and silicon characterization. Areas of work include Microarchitecture, Modeling, RTL Design and Verification, Custom and ASIC Physical Design, CAD, Silicon Prototyping and Validation, Product Engineering, and Low Power Design.

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System Design and Storage

One of the most important issues in technology today is data safety. That’s why this growing group is committed to elevating storage system performance and reliability for every Apple device. That same level of dedication also applies to the team’s work developing many other integrated system solutions across a range of products. Join them to engineer smarter technologies that improve the user experience for millions of people. Areas of work include Automation Engineering, Validation Engineering, DSP and Machine Learning, Algorithmic Engineering, macOS Application Engineering, Product Test Engineering, Firmware Engineering, Software and Post-Silicon Engineering, and FPGA Engineering.

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Wireless Connectivity

Apple has a history of reinventing categories, and this team’s work carries that approach through the present to the future, with Apple Watch as a perfect example. These engineers know that much of what makes the user experience so magical depends on the most innovative, most power-efficient connectivity possible. That’s why they keep redefining those possibilities, taking connectivity technologies to the next level, from silicon to product, to keep people connected all over the world. Areas of work include Systems Engineering, Software and Firmware Engineering, Software Quality Assurance, Communication Algorithm Design, and Radio Verification and Optimization.

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Apple Israel is a place where students can thrive as interns. You’ll be an integral part of a team working on critical projects — including our future products. You’ll develop new skills and get hands-on experience working with some of the best minds in the business, and enjoy the many benefits of being an Apple employee. We know that academic excellence is your first priority while you’re still in school, so that’s why you’ll get time off during exam periods. Then once you graduate, you’ll have a head start on the many engineering opportunities here.

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