Why iPad Pro

Like a computer.

Unlike any computer.

With the new iPad Pro, you get what you need from a computer, along with many incredible things you’d never expect from one. Here are a few reasons why your next computer just might be iPad Pro.

It’s more powerful than
most computers. And more portable than all of them.

iPad Pro features the A12X Bionic chip with a Neural Engine. Which transforms how
you experience photos, gaming, and augmented reality. A12X Bionic also makes iPad Pro faster than most PC laptops and powerful enough to handle the apps you use every day. And even pro apps like Adobe Photoshop CC.

Adobe Photoshop CC coming to iPad in 2019

And all that power really travels. iPad Pro is thinner than the thinnest laptop. It weighs barely half a kilo and has up to 10 hours of battery life to keep you going all day.1 Stay connected on the go with fast Wi‑Fi.2 You can even print, project, and send files wirelessly.

Fast Wi-Fi and Gigabit-class LTE
All-day battery life
Barely a pound

It’s a computer that lets you do everything with touch.

iPad Pro does what a computer does, but in more intuitive ways.
Use multiple apps at the same time with a few taps. Move objects between apps simply by dragging and dropping, or switch apps with a single swipe.

And it works like your iPhone, so it’s familiar to use. iPad Pro runs iOS, so it does all the things your iPhone does, as well as things only iPad can do. And odds are you already know how to use it. Just tap, swipe, pinch, and zoom.

It works like a computer.

And in ways most computers can’t.

iPad Pro works with a keyboard when you need one. The full‑size onscreen keyboard lets you respond to an email or write a paper, and it even acts as a trackpad. And if you want a full‑size physical keyboard, just attach the Smart Keyboard Folio for a great typing experience and front and back protection.3

But it’s also your notepad, canvas, scanner, and the perfect device for AR. Take notes or create a sketch with Apple Pencil.3 Scan a document with the built‑in camera, then mark it up and send it. Or transform your world with augmented reality experiences, which combine digital objects and information with the real world.

It has the apps you expect on a computer, plus a million designed just for iPad.

iPad Pro has great apps you’ll use every day.
Like Photos, Messages, Safari, Mail, Calendar, and more. It also comes with great productivity apps like Pages and Keynote and runs familiar apps like Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop CC.4

And ones that transform iPad Pro into whatever you
want it to be.
Each app in the App Store is designed to take full advantage of the power and large display of iPad Pro. And our App Store editors curate and recommend the best apps in the world to help you create, have fun, learn, and get things done.

Discover apps for iPad in the App Store

It has a place for your files, and a way to get to them from all your devices.

All your files in one central location. With the Files app, you can organize what’s in iCloud Drive, on third‑party cloud services such as Box and Dropbox, and on your iPad Pro, however you want. So no matter where you are, your files are with you.

And with iCloud, all your important stuff is on all your devices. Safely store your photos, videos, music, apps, files, contacts, and more. So everything’s always available on your iPad, iPhone, and Mac, and even from a Windows PC.5

Learn more about iCloud

It’s made to protect your privacy.

Your stuff is safe.
That’s because iPad Pro comes
with features like Face ID, the most secure facial authentication system in a tablet or a computer. And it has features like Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari, which helps protect against websites collecting your personal data.

Learn more about our approach to privacy

It stays up to date automatically.

With iPad Pro, you get hassle‑free updates. Turn on Automatic Updates in iOS 12 and have free updates downloaded wirelessly on your iPad Pro as soon as they’re released. So you have the newest features, most advanced technologies, and latest security updates.

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It’s designed with accessibility in mind.

We believe technology is most powerful when it empowers everyone. That’s why iPad Pro comes with accessibility features that support vision, interaction, hearing, and learning needs. From VoiceOver, which tells you what’s happening on your screen, to Switch Control, which lets you interact with iPad Pro without touching it.

Explore all accessibility features on iPad
Control with a switch
Make type easier to read
Listen while you read or type

Smart Keyboard Folio

Full-size keyboard.
Front and back protection.

Learn more about Smart Keyboard

Apple Pencil

Introducing the all-new Apple Pencil.

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that’s right for you.

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