Relive, edit, and share your picture-perfect moments.

Photos is where all the amazing photos you take with your iPhone and iPad live. And now it’s even smarter and more personal, with intelligent features that help you find, edit, and share your best shots.

A lifetime of photos.

 Curated just for you. 

Get a beautiful look at every day, month, and year.

The Library tab helps you find and relive your favorite photos and videos. Years highlights the best of your past photos. Months presents your photos by significant events. Days surfaces your best shots. And All Photos displays your photos and videos in a beautiful interactive grid.

Intelligent curation puts the focus on your best shots.

Using on‑device machine learning, the Library tab hides similar photos and reduces clutter by removing screenshots and receipts, so you can easily enjoy your best shots. Photos also uses intelligence to find and focus on only the best part of your photo for better previews.

Rediscover magical moments from your library.

The For You tab contains your memories, with a new interactive, immersive interface, along with new Memory mixes that let you personalize the look and feel of your story with a song and vibe to match. And if you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you can get curated, personalized song suggestions just for you.

Picture all the ways

to share.

The best way to share photos with your family.

Now family memories are in one place for everyone to enjoy. With iCloud Shared Photo Library, you can share photos and videos seamlessly with up to five other people, so everyone can collaborate on the family’s collection and enjoy more complete memories. Smart ways to share make it easy to share just the photos you want. And edits and changes sync everywhere, so if one person organizes the collection, everyone benefits.

Bring your photos into the conversation.

The most relevant photos shared with you in Messages automatically appear in your library. Save photos with just a tap right in the conversation. You can also get suggestions for photos to share based on who you’re chatting with, what you’re talking about, and where you’ve taken photos together.

Share with your favorite people.
Using your

favorite apps.

When you share a photo or document, you see options based on who’s in the photo and how you usually share. So you can share with just a tap.

Find your

with ease.

Find photos by the things that appear in them.

Using advanced machine learning, scene and object recognition lets you search your photos for things like motorcycles, trees, apples, or even text1 that appears in the photo. You can also combine multiple search terms — like “beach” and “selfies” — without having to tap each word in search.

Powerful tools for fine‑tuning
your photos and videos.

Make your best shots even better

on iPhone and iPad.

A streamlined editing experience lets you fine‑tune your photos with powerful, easy‑to‑use tools and fine‑grained control. You can even control the intensity of Auto Enhance, so when you turn the dial up or down you’ll see other adjustments — including exposure, contrast, and brightness — intelligently change with it. And if you love an edit you’ve made, you can apply it to another photo, or even a whole batch.1

The photo editing tools you love.

For videos, too.

Nearly every tool and effect available for photos can be used on videos, including Rotate, Crop, and Auto Enhance. And you can even adjust focus points and depth of field in Cinematic mode videos.2

Edit RAW images right inside Photos.

You can import and edit RAW images from standalone cameras — and edit Apple ProRAW images taken on iPhone3 — on iPhone or iPad models with an A9 chip or later.

iCloud Photos

All your photos,
on all
your devices.

With iCloud Photos, you have the freedom to access every photo and video in your library — from any device, anytime you want.4 So you can view a photo from last week or last year no matter where you are. iCloud Photos keeps every photo and video you take all in one place, and you can access them from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac, on, and even with your PC. And with iCloud Shared Photo Library, you can seamlessly share photos with your family.

Designed to keep

 your photos private. 

One of the best things about Photos is how it protects your privacy. iOS and iPadOS are designed to take advantage of the powerful processor built into every iPhone and iPad. So when you search your photos, for instance, all the face recognition and scene and object detection are done completely on your device. And your Hidden album photos stay hidden, locked behind your device’s authentication.1 Which means your photos are yours and yours alone.


User Guide

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