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UPDATE 03 March 2022

Apple launches inaugural Entrepreneur Camp for Latin founders

Apple’s first-ever Entrepreneur Camp for Latin founders welcomes leaders, developers, and their teams from nine app companies.
This week, Apple launched its inaugural Entrepreneur Camp for Hispanic and Latin founders, inviting leaders and developers from nine app companies from the US, Brazil, Guatemala, and Portugal to build the next generation of cutting-edge apps.
“We are so excited to bolster the impact of Entrepreneur Camp with the addition of this new cohort for Latin technologists,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives. “It’s an honor to support these founders and developers on their journeys as they build amazing apps that connect, inform, and inspire us.”
During this immersive tech lab, developers receive one-on-one code-level guidance from Apple experts and engineers to help accelerate their apps. Participants also receive mentorship, inspiration, and insights from the company’s leaders.
The first Entrepreneur Camp was held in 2019 for app-driven companies founded and led by developers from underrepresented backgrounds in technology. The first cohorts focused on female founders and developers, and last year, Apple welcomed its first group of Black founders.
Program alumni have gone on to secure major funding rounds, garner awards and accolades, and successfully sell their companies in major acquisitions. Previous app participant BookSloth recently became the first-ever acquisition of a female-led technology company in Puerto Rico.
More apps from Entrepreneur Camp alumni can be found on the App Store here.

Meet the Developers

“Cuca Catch” developers Matheus Kulick, Theo Caldas, and Kassio Veras.
Matheus Kulick, Theo Caldas, and Kassio Veras created a game that celebrates Brazilian folklore and culture.
“Cuca Catch”
Apple Developer Academy graduates Matheus Kulick, Theo Caldas, and Kassio Veras wanted to find a way to use technology to promote Brazilian folklore and culture. They recently launched “Cuca Catch” on the App Store — a dynamic game that uses users’ facial expressions to help Cuca, Brazil’s most iconic witch, create potions.
Encantos: Play, Learn & Grow’s Francine Walker, Keith Elliott, and Steven Wolfe Pereira.
Francine Walker, Keith Elliott, and Steven Wolfe Pereira built Encantos as a diverse, curriculum-infused storytelling platform for kids.
Encantos: Play, Learn & Grow
United States

A few years ago, CEO and Encantos co-founder Steven Wolfe Pereira was looking for a way to share his Dominican culture with his kids, and embarked on the journey of launching a diverse content library. As his company grew to a full team, including developers Keith Elliott and Francine Walker, their focus has broadened to helping kids enhance their literacy and life skills through audio, video, books, and games from creators of underrepresented communities.
Falou’s Matheus Medina, Vitor Marques, and Gabriel Santos.
Matheus Medina, Vitor Marques, and Gabriel Santos are on a quest to help people improve their conversational language skills more effectively.
When Gabriel Santos, Vitor Marques, and Matheus Medina held meetings in English, they noticed that conversation could be difficult for those who had studied the language in school, but didn’t have much practical speaking experience. They created Falou to help people become conversational faster by walking through immersive travel simulations.
“Gamma Fighter”’s Jorge Briones.
Self-taught coder Jorge Briones created his own retro-style arcade game “Gamma Fighter” as a nod to his longstanding love of video games.
“Gamma Fighter”
United States
An homage to ’80s-style games like “Space Invaders” and “Galaga,” “Gamma Fighter” is a retro-style arcade game created by solo developer Jorge Briones. Though game creation is a passion project that Briones initially picked up as a hobby, he now blogs about his “coding adventures,” in hopes of inspiring others to learn how to code.
Memoria’s Djenifer Reneta Pereira, Ana Bittencourt Vidigal, and Gustavo Kumasawa.
Djenifer Reneta Pereira, Ana Bittencourt Vidigal, and Gustavo Kumasawa meld digital and physical worlds with their photo album project Memoria.
Apple Developer Academy students Ana Bittencourt Vidigal, Djenifer Renata Pereira, and Gustavo Kumasawa want to evoke memories associated with digital photos the way old printed photo albums do. During camp, they’ll be working on Memoria, a sharable digital photo album that anchors photos to objects or surroundings, to help spark memories associated with the photos so they don’t get “lost” or forgotten on your iPhone camera roll.
Sinq: Your Fitness Companion’s Matheus Fogiatto, Daniela Aires dos Res, and Rodrigo Giglio.
Matheus Fogiatto, Daniela Aires dos Res, and Rodrigo Giglio built Sinq as a tool to motivate people to exercise, with the help of a digitized companion.
Sinq: Your Fitness Companion 
Health and wellness were always important passions for Apple Developer Academy alums Matheus Fogiatto, Rodrigo Giglio, and Daniela Aires dos Reis. They saw an opportunity in the market for Sinq, an app that utilizes a customizable dinosaur character to act as a motivator buddy for fitness, and now, they are working to launch more group activities and challenges.
Tripify’s Alexandre Morgado and Thiago Imolesi.
Alexandre Morgado and Thiago Imolesi combined their interests of travel and technology to develop Tripify.
When founder Alexandre Morgado couldn’t find what he needed in a travel app, he started designing his own. With the help of fellow developer Thiago Imolesi, the team built Tripify as a holistic travel app with features to plan trips, manage expenses, register memories, and log places visited. 
Wakeout!’s Andres Canella, Pedro Wunderlich, and Dmitry Ivanov.
Andres Canella, Pedro Wunderlich, and Dmitry Ivanov implement a creative approach to movement therapy with their apps Wakeout! and Wakeout Kids.
Guatemala/United States
Wakeout! is a “movement therapy” app designed to get users off the couch or out of their desk chair with brief movement sessions throughout the day, no matter what their environments look like. Already hugely successful on the App Store, Wakeout! received an App Store Award in 2020. Since then, teammates Andres Canella, Pedro Wunderlich, and Dmitry Ivanov have added thousands of exercises to the platform and have even created a separate, but similar, offering for kids.
Yoga Wake Up’s Joaquín and Lizzie Brown.
Joaquín and Lizzie Brown’s Yoga Wake Up app encourages users to replace their morning alarm with easy, audio-guided yoga and meditation sessions.
Yoga Wake Up 
United States
Founders Lizzie and Joaquín Brown first came up with the idea for Yoga Wake Up during a yoga class. Aiming to create a tool for beginners and those with chronic health issues who are seeking an approachable way to make yoga a part of their routine, the app encourages friendly interactions between instructors and the community, and now offers over 365 bed-based audio sessions.
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