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UPDATE 15 May 2024

Apple Watch is the perfect golfing companion

Fitness and connectivity features along with innovative third-party apps offer a comprehensive experience from the range to the course
A golfer wearing Apple Watch while swinging a golf club is shown.
Apple Watch is a versatile device for golfers to stay connected, active, and healthy, and with a suite of great golfing apps, users can access course information, tools, and insights to improve their game.
Apple Watch is a versatile device for golfers to stay connected, active, and healthy, and a suite of great golfing apps offers users course information, as well as tools and insights to keep track of and help improve their game.
The high-frequency motion API released in watchOS 10, which takes advantage of the latest accelerometer and gyroscope in Apple Watch to detect rapid changes in velocity and acceleration, has equipped developers such as Golfshot with tools to create innovative new experiences that help users improve their golf swing and performance. For swing practice, Golfshot’s new Swing ID On-Range experience, launching today, utilizes this API to detect the precise moment the club strikes the ball. Apple Watch sensors also offer a comprehensive analysis of a golfer’s swing from the beginning to the end of the motion, and users of any skill level can track key swing metrics with precision, including tempo, rhythm, backswing, transition, and wrist path, to improve their gameplay.1
On the course, Golfshot also offers GPS distances, scoring, Auto Shot Tracking, swing analysis, and Auto Strokes Gained — all on Apple Watch — so golfers can track every shot and see real-time distances to the green, hazards, and targets on more than 46,000 courses worldwide. Apple Watch also provides an automated data collection process on the course to let users experience postround flyover reviews and advanced stats analysis on iPhone to elevate their game.
“Leveraging the full capabilities of Apple Watch has always been a priority for Golfshot since our first Apple Watch release in 2015,” said Alex Flores, Golfshot’s chief growth officer. “Innovative features including Auto Shot Tracking and Swing ID — both powered by Apple Watch and sophisticated machine learning — truly help golfers improve their game by giving real-time, personalized data on the device that’s already with them.”
Golfshot is one of many golf-focused third-party apps available for Apple Watch.2 Additional golf apps for Apple Watch offer unique functionality that allow golfers to:
  • Track shots, get precise yardages adjusted in real time and club recommendations, and even mark the pin directly from Apple Watch with Arccos, the official game tracker of the PGA TOUR.
  • See hole layouts, carry distances, approach views with color heat maps of the green, and slope arrows for reading putts, all from the wrist, with GolfLogix.
  • Track scores, stats, and shot distances, and access a free golf GPS on iPhone and Apple Watch with TheGrint.
  • Get essentials with a glance at Apple Watch, including distances, maps, scoring, and a shot tracker, with Hole19.

Apple Watch Features for Golfers

Apple Watch Ultra 2 features a bold titanium case and flat sapphire front crystal with Apple’s brightest display ever, making it even more readable in harsh sunlight when out on the course. Additionally, the rugged and capable device offers 36-hour battery life with regular use, or up to 12 hours running an outdoor workout with GPS, and the best GPS of any Apple Watch.
A golfer looking at their Apple Watch is shown from above.
Using Golfshot on the course along with the GPS in Apple Watch, users can see real-time distances to the green, hazards, and targets on more than 46,000 courses worldwide.
Golfers can track activity throughout the day on Apple Watch with the Workout app and see active calories from their round. Apple Watch can also help golfers stay connected by allowing them to receive important messages right from their wrist, while the double tap gesture on Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 makes viewing and sending messages even easier when the other hand is occupied.
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  1. Available on Apple Watch Series 8 and later, and Apple Watch Ultra and later.
  2. Customers can try Swing ID for free with a seven-day trial of Golfshot Pro, which includes Swing ID, Auto Shot Tracking, Auto Strokes Gained, and Advanced GPS Distances. Swing ID On-Range can be purchased separately as a monthly or annual subscription as part of Golfshot’s off-course feature suite.

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