(RED) makes a world of difference.

Apple and (RED) are committed to fighting AIDS. In 17 years, we’ve contributed more than a quarter of a billion US dollars, helping provide lifesaving treatments to people living with HIV. And with your support, we are not backing down.

Choose (RED). Save lives.

Apple’s grant contributions have provided more than 11 million people with care and support services.

Over 197 million HIV tests have been distributed in sub‑Saharan Africa.

Lifesaving treatments have helped more than 5 million HIV-positive mothers prevent mother-to-child transmission.

Here’s how Apple and (RED) are partnering to save lives.

  • Every Apple (PRODUCT)RED purchase contributes to the Global Fund’s fight against AIDS.*

  • The Global Fund uses 100 percent of Apple’s contribution to finance HIV/AIDS programs.

  • Every dollar raised supports communities affected by AIDS across sub‑Saharan Africa.

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