Heavy machinery.
Light apps.

Fulton Hogan has been a leading construction firm in Australia and New Zealand for over 88 years. But today they don’t just pour concrete and erect bridges. Fulton Hogan has also built over a dozen iPhone and iPad apps to modernize every aspect of their business, from recording jobs to managing workers to finishing timesheets. The improvement in day-to-day operations in the field has resulted in an enormous reduction in paper, better efficiencies, and safer operation of machinery because general maintenance needs like leaking oil valves can be quickly reported.

At a glance

88Years in business
4.5KField services workers
$3MIn saved costs

iPhone and iPad. Not paper and pen.
Technology makes communication in the field easy.


Maintenance made manageable.


Get work quality on the record.


iOS helps timesheets save time.


Apps meet asphalt.

Only with Apple


Apple’s partnership with Salesforce allows Fulton Hogan developers to create powerful experiences for workers on iPhone and iPad. The apps are built using the Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS and powered by Salesforce Service Cloud to modernize communication at the job site.


Savings. Engineered.

400% faster timesheet process.

Apps have reduced the need for over 1M paper forms.

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