Simple setup for learning.

Apple provides powerful tools and programs to simplify deployment of iPad and Mac, so you can get students and teachers up and running quickly — empowering newfound creativity and a world of new learning experiences.

Coming this fall.

iOS 9 makes it easier than ever to deploy and manage your institution’s devices, apps, and content.

Easily deploy apps.

Assign and distribute apps directly to iPad and Mac,
no Apple ID required. It’s that easy.

Distribute apps directly to devices.

Assign and distribute apps directly to iPad and Mac using the Volume Purchase Program (VPP), mobile device management (MDM) and Apple Configurator 2. Your students can get up and running in no time, whether your devices are assigned to a user or not. And migration to device-based app assignment is completely seamless for your existing deployments.

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Better management.

With new enhancements to mobile device management (MDM) capabilities, iOS 9 gives your technology team more ways to manage apps and devices throughout your institution.

Apps fully managed.

With MDM you can install apps for your students and staff even if access to the App Store is restricted. iOS also now allows MDM to manage apps already installed on devices, all without reinstalling those apps.

More controls.

Teachers and staff can now better manage their classrooms with restrictions that turn off AirDrop or prevent changes to passcodes, device names and wallpapers on managed devices.

Prompt users to update.

Keep your school’s devices up to date by sending an MDM command to prompt users to update, available for any device in the Device Enrollment Program. You can initiate both the download and installation of software updates.

Introducing Apple Configurator 2.

Apple Configurator is redesigned with an entirely new user interface and delivers powerful new management capabilities. It’s now easier to set up and deploy groups of similarly configured iOS devices.

Get started today.

Powerful tools and programs from Apple help you deploy devices currently running iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. Apple Deployment Programs provide everything you need to bring amazing devices, content, and learning experiences to your institution.

Deploy and manage devices and content at scale.

With a mobile device managment solution, you can easily set up and manage iPad and Mac over the air.

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Automate setup for all your students and staff.

Automatically enroll iPad and Mac into MDM with the Device Enrollment Program. Ensure that all of your devices are configured from day one.

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Purchase and distribute apps and books.

The Volume Purchase Program helps you find, purchase, and distribute apps and books in volume for your entire organization.

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Help students set up their Apple ID.

With the Apple ID for Students program, you can ensure that students under age 13 have a personal Apple ID.

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Deployment resources.

The following resources are available to support any size deployment. Get the information you need to make your deployment successful.

iOS Education Deployment Overview

Read through a high-level overview of how to deploy iOS in education.

iOS Deployment Reference

Deploy successfully with technical documentation and information.

iPad One-to-One Planning Guide

Explore best practices for deploying iPad in a one-to-one initiative.

Volume Purchase Program Guide

Get started purchasing and distributing apps and books in volume.

Device Enrollment Program Guide

Learn about the features and benefits of the Device Enrollment Program.

Apple Deployment Program Help

Learn about each of the Apple Deployment Programs.