Fast, simple deployment for everyone.

IT can manage large-scale deployments with ease and provide a seamless experience for users, so everyone is more productive from the start.

Hands-free configuration for IT.

Deploying iPhone and iPad can be a zero-touch effort for IT with a mobile device management (MDM) solution in place. For BYOD programs, users can self-enroll by accepting the MDM installation profile on their iOS device. Users are free to opt in or out of corporate services, and can view what IT configures and controls. For company-owned devices, IT can automate and lock MDM enrollment and wirelessly supervise devices during initial setup. And once a device is enrolled in MDM — whether initiated by the user or by IT — settings, apps, and policies can be installed on the device over the air.

Simple set up for users.

iOS makes it simple for employees to set up their iPhone or iPad, right out of the box. They can activate their device, configure basic settings, enroll in corporate services like Microsoft Exchange, and start working right away — all without requiring help from IT. The built-in iOS Setup Assistant also enables users to customize their device with personal preferences like language, location services, Siri, iCloud, and Find My iPhone. With iOS, employees can tailor their device to suit their way of working.
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Work and personal play well together.

In the new world of IT, it's possible to allow employees to personalize their device without compromising the security of corporate data and apps.

Intelligent security.

iOS raises the level of protection across the device by securing all data — so everyone benefits. Features like managed apps, enterprise single sign on, and per app VPN keep work email and documents safe in a way that’s invisible to users. For example, to edit a confidential email attachment, a user is presented only with IT-approved apps to open the document. When the app is selected and launched, the user is seamlessly authenticated and a VPN connection is created that secures network traffic just for that app.

Freedom to work.

The same features that keep corporate data in the right place also work to keep personal data from being seen or managed by an employer. IT can keep corporate data in corporate-managed apps without requiring users to make complex decisions about work containers or isolated workspaces. With fine-grain control that iOS provides behind the scenes, IT can closely manage corporate data while employees can focus on getting their work done.
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Management that gets out of the way.

With the right tools, IT can manage all the technical details while users are free to focus on getting their work done. A win-win for transparency and productivity.

Made to scale.

Thanks to iOS and built-in frameworks for third-party MDM solutions, IT can manage large deployments of iOS devices with ease and efficiency — including querying for settings and other configuration information, establishing security policies, and blocking or wiping devices that are out of compliance or lost.

Built for productivity.

IT can also use MDM to orchestrate a range of activities beyond basic setup and configuration. Users can take advantage of corporate-provided apps and content without their devices being crippled by needless restrictions.
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Inspiration is the new app standard.

The right apps can change the game. With off-the-shelf and custom apps, IT can deliver endless possibilities to support users and make innovation accessible to all.

Help users help themselves.

With help from Apple, businesses can deliver services and support throughout the entire organization without adding additional IT resources.