Learning with iPad

No matter your age, iPad is a powerful and engaging tool for learning. Explore new passions, dive deeper into the subjects you’re already studying, or discover a hidden potential.

Learn through play.

Interactive games engage children through sight, sound, and touch. Metamorphabet helps them learn the ABCs by turning letters into fun, animated characters that can be poked and prodded. The monster puzzles of Endless Numbers teach kids to count to 100 at their own pace. And kids can solve visual puzzles with the Tangram for Osmo game system. As they arrange tangram shapes to match what’s on the screen, a playful chime lets them know when they’ve figured it out.

Tangram for Osmo

Dive into programming.

With Hopscotch, kids can start programming games, stories, and animations right from the get-go. And they won’t need to type a single line of code to do it.

Explore new worlds.

Use Star Walk 2 to identify constellations while stargazing, or find out exactly when that meteor shower is due so you can get a telescope ready. Discover how our planet works in Earth Primer — a simulator that lets you create volcanoes, sculpt mountains, and control the forces of nature with your fingertips. And if you’re looking to conduct a few experiments of your own, the virtual chem lab in Chemist is a fun, safe way to get started.

Star Walk 2

Immerse yourself in a new kind of textbook.

Take a 3D tour of the pyramids, hear Mozart’s concertos as you read up on the classical era, or dive deep into biology with interactive, Multi-Touch textbooks like E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth series.


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Master your major.

Instead of jotting down every word your professor says, use Notability to write out key bullet points while you record the lecture. If you’re looking to get ahead, Coursera is great for complementing your studies with free courses from top-tier universities. And when you’re citing references, use RefME with the iPad camera to generate a perfectly formatted bibliography.


Explore thousands of free courses.

iTunes U has the world’s largest online catalog of free educational content. Use it to gain a richer understanding of your current studies, or try that course you never had a chance to take back in college.

Never stop learning.

Take up a skill or hobby, like yoga, salsa dancing, or even surfing, with one of the thousands of video-based lessons in Curious. Learn to play your first song with Yousician Guitar — an innovative app that listens to you play and gives helpful feedback. Or prepare for that trip overseas with Duolingo, which uses fun games to make learning a new language easy.

Yousician Guitar

Boost brainpower.

Train your brain during downtime with an app designed by neuroscientists. Lumosity creates a personal training program that challenges you with cognitive minigames — rewarding you for playing 15 to 20 minutes a day.

Learn about iPad in the classroom.

iPad is making teaching materials and assignments more creative, immersive, and customizable than ever before. It allows educators to bring their subjects to life with learning apps and interactive books. Visit the iPad in Education page