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iPhone: a media giant evolves

For Groupe M6, innovation and new technology are its lifeblood. The multimedia group is a powerhouse of creative content and services. That includes its flagship M6 broadcast TV channel, its digital channels as well as its film production, book and music publishing, e-commerce, games and pay-per-view video divisions.

To stay ahead, M6 relies on iPhone. “A part of the office and information system is always there, in the palm of your hand, which gives you a much more modern and cutting-edge relationship to information and to the business itself,” says Christophe Foglio, CTO at Groupe M6.

A new relationship

“This is the tool that allows our employees to share and communicate in a revolutionary new way,” he says.

Deciding to move to iPhone was easy. “When the iPhone arrived on the market, we understood right away that it is a business tool,” recalls Foglio. “We used to have a plethora of devices and phones of different brands. iPhone replaced them all.”

In so many ways, iPhone lends itself to the world of enterprise, says Foglio. He notes its ability to synchronize with Outlook and its integrated security including the ability to authenticate. Sensitive data can even be wiped over the air remotely if the iPhone is misplaced or stolen.

At M6, each iPhone is fully integrated into the company information system, including the phone directory. Employees can also only access confidential information with a security certificate specific to their own iPhone. All users have iTunes to install M6’s internal in-house applications.

Essential in-house apps

M6 developed four internal apps rapidly, on average within a couple of months each. Working prototypes took just 10 days, recalls Laurent Codaccioni, Head of IT Architecture. Since security is paramount, information available through the apps is never stored on the iPhones, but is kept in temporary files.

The e-Report app gives immediate technical feedback to engineers on all of the broadcasts. e-News provides instant news updates to journalists and technicians. e-TDB allows users to view company income and other financial data. Audience gives access to daily viewership ratings as soon as they are released.

M6’s apps have become essential. Before the arrival of iPhone and e-Reports, a technical hitch with one of the channels was harder to evaluate rapidly. Trouble-shooters had to view the problem on another parallel antenna, or have the problem described over the phone.

“Today, with e-Reports, we have access directly from our iPhone to the incidents and therefore to the videos of the incidents, which is a considerable gain,” says Foglio. “We have millions of viewers who are watching our programs. We must react very quickly when there is a problem.”

The Audience app is equally efficient. Viewership ratings are available immediately and in a customized and intuitive format. In the days before Audience, top managers would receive the data in a PDF designed and distributed by the ratings agency.

Another plus is that support for iPhone and the apps is minimal. M6’s IT department receives almost zero calls for help from company users. “The apps are very stable. No news is good news,” comments Foglio.


Working with iPhone has been evolutionary. “iPhone’s really a working tool that allows us to move quickly and work better in a natural way,” states Thomas Valentin, Deputy chairman of the Executive board. “Nowadays, we cannot be stuck inside M6, out of touch with the reality of consumption and the attitude of viewers, particularly that of young people.”

In addition to streamlining the work day, iPhone is improving content delivery to M6’s audience, many of whom are younger adults. For example, M6 offers its programs for iPhone. “Nowadays, we have to offer our programs anywhere, anytime,” continues Valentin. “That includes on the most mobile of media.”

In fact iPhone has become so crucial, Foglio says the relationship with M6 must continue. “iPhone’s an advance in technology that we could never take away from our colleagues,” he states. “iPhone is simply changing the way we do business.”

Company Snapshot

  • Groupe M6 (Groupe Métropole Télévision)
  • Leading multimedia group: includes 10 TV channels, mobile telephony, e-commerce, Premier League Football club, publishing, film production and online games
  • Based in Paris, France
  • www.groupem6.fr

“It’s in our DNA to be at the forefront of technology — with iPhone we are ahead of the game.”

Thomas Valentin, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Groupe M6

“We are completely in another dimension — we have a different relationship with information because of iPhone.”

Christophe Foglio, CTO, Groupe M6

“We used to have a plethora of different devices and phones of different brands. When iPhone arrived, it was clear that it was going to replace them all.”

Christophe Foglio, CTO, Groupe M6

“At M6, we have really pushed the technology towards what is best and most innovative. And with iPhone applications, there is no limit to that innovation.”

Laurent Codaccioni, Head of IT Architecture, Groupe M6