Numbers for Mac

Spreadsheets have never
brought so much to the table.

With Numbers for Mac, sophisticated spreadsheets are just the start. The whole sheet is your canvas. Just add dramatic interactive charts, tables, and images that paint a revealing picture of your data. You can work seamlessly between Mac and iOS devices. And work effortlessly with people who use Microsoft Excel. Updated for OS X El Capitan, Numbers is now more powerful than ever.

Powerful creative tools

See the beauty in numbers.

A spreadsheet doesn’t have to look like a ledger. That’s why Numbers starts you off with a blank canvas instead of an endless grid. You can choose fonts and style cell borders. Add, resize, and apply styles to tables. Move everything around your canvas at will. And use the new Split View feature in OS X El Capitan to match your charts to the corporate style guide PDF. Next thing you know, you’ve turned budgeting into an art form.

Designed for simplicity

You’re a natural at math.

Starting with Numbers is as easy as 1, 2, 3. There are prebuilt templates for all your most common tasks. Coaching tips that pop up right when you need them. And an intuitive interface that simplifies the equation of finding the tools you want. Underneath it all, there’s an advanced calculation engine that makes full use of the 64-bit power of OS X El Capitan. So nothing will slow you down once you get going.

Advanced tools

Become a mathemagician.

Numbers supports over 250 functions. And it’s built with sophisticated tools that make using them way simpler than you’d think. With a few clicks, you can perform complex calculations, filter the data, and sum up what it all means. Running the numbers is now a simple operation.

Data, visualized

Smarter ways to look at the numbers.

Numbers gives you dynamic methods to visualize your data. So you can spot patterns, recognize trends, and notice relationships. When you use the impressive charts, graphs, and tools, seeing becomes understanding.

Numbers everywhere

Put all your devices to work. Together.

You don’t work in just one place on just one device. The same goes for Numbers. Spreadsheets created on your Mac look exactly the same on your iPhone or iPad and vice versa. And it’s effortless to move your work from one device to another. You can even access your spreadsheets from the web, share them, and collaborate with others in real time.

Easy to share

Add others to the equation.

Numbers makes it easy to work closely with faraway colleagues. Just click Share to send a copy of your file. Or share a link to your spreadsheet with anyone you want. You can even work on files that are stored with third-party services. And spreadsheets can be sent via services such as Gmail or Dropbox. Which means everyone sees — and works on — the same spreadsheet. How’s that for an ideal data distribution?

Microsoft Excel friendly

You don’t have to work in Office to work with Office.

Teaming up with someone who uses Microsoft Excel? Numbers makes it a great working relationship. You can save Numbers spreadsheets as Excel files. Or import and edit Excel spreadsheets right in Numbers. Most popular Excel features are supported, too. Now it’s no problem to work on the same project. Even if you use different apps.

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