Community Resources

Apple Accessibility for Developers

Apple developers can find out how to make their applications accessible on the Mac and on the iPhone. Learn more

Apple Accessibility Support

Get answers to your questions about the accessibility features of Apple products. Learn more

Join a community of blind and low-vision users of a variety of Apple products. Learn more


Find information for all OS X users, content developers and programmers with an interest in accessibility. Learn more

Exploring the Frontiers of Assistive Technology

In this video podcast, see how people use assistive technology to express their creativity, play games and get more out of life. Learn more

iSee — Apple Products From a Blind Perspective

iSee, a Multi-Touch book by Vision Australia’s Senior Adaptive Technology Consultant, David Woodbridge, is a great resource designed to help blind and low-vision users activate and maximise the assistive technologies built into iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod and Apple TV. iSee is available to download for free from the iBooks Store. Learn more

Mac-cessibility Network

Get information related to the use of Apple products by the blind and visually impaired. Learn more

VIPhone Discussion List

Enjoy an active and often entertaining email discussion with a community of people using VoiceOver on the iPhone. Learn more

Users in Control: A Fresh Perspective on Accessibility

Discover an audio and PDF podcast on how people with disabilities are empowered through OS X. Created by Mac users with physical, speech or vision impairments. Learn more

User Guides

Accessible iPhone User Guide

The iPhone User Guide is designed with accessibility in mind. Read the iPhone User Guide in HTML format using a web browser with your favourite screen reader on a Mac, PC or iPhone. Or listen to the iPhone User Guide in EPUB format using VoiceOver in the iBooks app on iPhone. (You can download the iBooks app free from the App Store and then download the iPhone User Guide from iBooks.) You can read the iPhone User Guide in tagged PDF format using the Preview application in OS X and Adobe Acrobat for Mac and Windows. If you can read English braille, you can read the electronic braille version in .brf format.

VoiceOver Getting Started for OS X

Access the VoiceOver Getting Started Guide using a web browser and the VoiceOver Help menu (Control-Option-H). If you can read English braille, you can read the electronic braille version in .brf format.

VoiceOver Commands Charts

Use your web browser to access a set of charts that map keyboard and numeric keypad keys to VoiceOver commands. These quick reference charts in HTML format are available in colour and in greyscale, and can be printed at any size.

First-Level VoiceOver Commands

Colour | Greyscale

Second-Level VoiceOver Commands

Colour | Greyscale

Third-Level VoiceOver Commands

Colour | Greyscale

Fourth-Level VoiceOver Commands

Colour | Greyscale

NumPad Commander

Colour | Greyscale