Stay fit, whatever your focus.

Some of us live for running, cycling, or hitting the gym. For others, it’s about being active throughout the day. Apple Watch combines the capabilities of an all-day activity tracker with those of a superior sport watch. Because it all counts. And it all adds up.

Activity App Sit less.
Move more.
Get some exercise.

The Activity app provides a snapshot of your daily activity, with Stand, Move, and Exercise rings telling you everything you need to know. The goal? Close each ring every day.

Watch the “Activity” Guided Tour


Sitting less can improve your health. So Apple Watch senses when you stand and move. The Stand ring closes when you’re up for at least one minute in 12 different hours during a day.


Apple Watch suggests a goal each week for how many active calories to burn based on your recent history. Adjust it up or down until it feels just right. The Move ring closes when you meet the daily goal.

“Hey Siri, have I closed my Move ring today?”


Any activity at the level of a brisk walk or above is exercise. The Exercise ring closes when you reach the recommended 30 minutes per day — and you don’t have to do it all at once.

Workout App Sweat the details.

Whether you have a go-to workout or you like to keep changing things up, Apple Watch can accurately measure your movement. Choose an exercise in the Workout app, and Apple Watch turns on the appropriate sensors. Then pick the metrics you prefer to see.

Watch the “Workout” Guided Tour

Set a goal based on distance for running, walking, and outdoor cycling. You can also set a time or calorie goal.

Customize the screen to see any three metrics at once while you ride. Tapping or swiping the display shows you additional data.

Track a variety of cardio workouts in the gym. Or select “Other” for sessions like weightlifting, bootcamp, and yoga to ensure that you receive credit toward your Activity rings.


View your last and best workout for each activity. Repeat it. Increase it. Decrease it. Or choose a different goal altogether.

Hey Siri, start a six mile run in the park

Progress updates.

Get notified when you’ve run another mile, hit the halfway point of your ride, or closed any of your Activity rings.

Workout summary.

After your workout, you’ll see a detailed report of how far you’ve gone, your time, and how many calories you’ve burned.

Progress and Results Take it to the next level.

Apple Watch can keep you motivated to achieve steady progress over time, whether you’re a dedicated athlete or just trying to fit 30 minutes of exercise into your day. As a faithful sidekick, it even congratulates you for a job well done.

Individual feedback.

Customizable reminders help you reach your daily Stand, Move, and Exercise goals. And Apple Watch uses your success to motivate you to pursue new goals.


When you hit milestones or reach your personal best, Apple Watch is there to help you celebrate. For each achievement you’ll receive a distinctive badge you can share with friends.


Apple Watch shows your weekly Move goal summary. On your iPhone, the Activity app displays past Activity rings, workouts, and achievements. And the Health app stores Activity and Workout data, so you can share it with other apps.

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