Chérie King explores a world without limits.

Travel writer Chérie King has canoed down the Amazon River, eaten coal-roasted lobster in Ghana, and visited an underground salt mine in Austria. With her passion for adventure and her iPad Air, King travels the globe and inspires other deaf people to do the same.

Choosing a life of adventure.

“My iPad lets me share my journey with the world. Other deaf people tell me they’re traveling more now because they see it’s possible.”

Chérie King, travel writer

Navigating the unfamiliar languages, alphabets, and social customs of distant countries by yourself can be daunting for anyone. Imagine doing it if you were deaf. Twenty-five-year-old Chérie King has made it her life’s mission to experience as much of the world as possible in spite of her disability. Her stories from abroad have inspired others to follow in her footsteps.

King credits her spirit of adventure to her mother. “My mom used to take us on spontaneous road trips. We never knew where we were going, and I loved that,” she says. As a teenager, King yearned to venture outside her hometown of Boise, Idaho, and began booking tickets to faraway destinations such as China, Brazil, India, Russia, and Mauritius. She never let anything hold her back.

Born with no hearing in both ears, King relies primarily on her ability to read lips, leaning on her hearing aid to help understand conversations better. She’s traveled to 31 countries and five continents. Along the way, her iPad has become an indispensable sidekick. “Even simple things like overhead announcements at airports are hard for me to pick up,” says King. “So I’ve missed flights because I didn’t hear about a gate change. Now I use apps on my iPad to see notifications of flight changes.” King uses multiple apps — from travel guides to maps to language and translation apps — to connect with people and explore every destination to the fullest. “iPad is one of my essential travel tools,” says King.

Marrakech, Morocco


49 cities


31 countries


5 continents

Going the distance.

King always has a suitcase packed and takes off to a new destination every four months. She’s been to 23 countries in the past five years alone, including South Africa, Dominica, and Latvia. Here are all the places she’s explored.

But King isn’t content to see the beauty of the world for herself. She knows there’s always something new to discover and experience. That’s why she’s just as passionate about sharing her travels. She keeps her network of friends up to date through her site, Flight of the Travel Bee, and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

King hopes that by chronicling her experiences, she can be an example for other hearing-impaired people. “I’ve met countless deaf people, and they all tell me how brave I am for traveling. But now that they’ve read my site, they realize they can do it too.”

A journey in pictures.

Through photos, posts, and tweets, Chérie King shares her travels with friends and followers around the world.

Uncovering more at every turn.

“I love getting lost. I wind up discovering new places, and know that I can always find my way back with iPad.”

Chérie King

Whenever King arrives in a new city, she starts exploring right away — iPad in hand. She often winds up getting lost, but that’s part of the fun.

From Beijing to St. Petersburg, King has wandered down winding streets, pulling up Maps whenever she needs to find her way again. Since most people don’t sign, and King can only understand English, she relies on the local language captions on Maps to show cab drivers exactly where she needs to go.

When she doesn’t have a destination in mind, King uses iPad apps like AroundMe and tripwolf to discover nearby places. This way, King feels free to navigate every corner of a new city and venture off the beaten path to explore hole-in-the-wall eateries and sample the best com tam in town, or join a pickup game of jianzi in Hoan Kiem Lake. “iPad is my traveling companion and my guide,” she says. “It always helps me discover interesting things I wouldn’t know about otherwise.”

An app for every experience.

Chérie King uses iPad to better explore every destination, from finding her way around with Maps to chatting with people using translation apps.

To King, there’s an incredible discovery waiting at every turn, and her iPad helps her the whole way through. She can stop for a chat at a neighborhood cafe using BabelDeck and other communication apps on iPad. She’ll turn to the Triposo app on iPad to create walking tours of a new city. And during the inevitable down periods and wait times at airports, in hotels, or on a plane, King watches closed-captioned movies and TV shows from iTunes, keeps in touch with family and friends using FaceTime and iMessage, or jots down ideas for her next post using Notes. When she returns home, she uses WordPress to write and publish her latest travel tale.

Long before she set out on her own, King felt that behind every journey was the potential to discover something new about herself and the world. She believes that more and more with every trip. “I love traveling to different places. You never know who you’ll meet, and how that might change you,” she says. “iPad has allowed me to become a more adventurous and spontaneous traveler. And I’m just getting started.”

“Traveling has changed my perspective on life. I learn something new every time and am excited to share that experience with others.”

Chérie King

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam