Luhan Wang - Digital Artist

Studying for a Master’s Degree in Digital Imaging
Communication University of China, China, class of 2023

“iPad Pro and Apple Pencil have become an indispensable part of my life, whether professionally as an arts student, or as a Gen Z-er spending quiet time in places that I like.”

As a digital artist, Luhan Wang is on a mission is to help people slow down, breathe, and feel more connected — an antidote to our fast-paced world.

“My goal is to use my artwork to generate positive vibrations that benefit people,” she says. “I hope that my creations will reach a global audience. I believe that no matter our differences, we all share a common appreciation for the beauty of nature and artwork, which can help foster inner peace.”

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Interior Lighting Design, Luhan is pursuing her childhood dream of becoming an artist through a Master’s in Digital Imaging. When she discovered iPad Pro and Apple Pencil as a high school student, Luhan says her creative journey changed forever.

“iPad Pro with Procreate supports everything from simple line drawings to sophisticated artistic expressions, using different brushstrokes, layers, and effects. And Apple Pencil is so magical — it’s smooth, sharp, and precise. I can’t tell the difference between using a real paint brush and Apple Pencil.”

In the past, students in the digital arts spent hours in multimedia labs completing their work. With iPad, the door to creativity is open, wherever Luhan may be.

“Whether I’m in a museum doing field work, or in a quiet corner of a coffee shop amid the hustle and bustle, I can always find interesting moments to capture using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. And if I’m at the library or in the countryside connecting with nature, these devices support my creative work — anywhere, anytime.”

Luhan appreciates the productivity features that are built into iPadOS, such as Split Screen, which allows her to work on sketches while simultaneously staying in touch with friends via social media apps. She can even solicit immediate feedback on her work from a professor via iMessage. And during deep work sessions, Luhan uses Focus mode to block out distractions so she can immerse herself in the flow of creativity.

“‘Qi’ is the air that flows through one’s body, and when I am creating artwork, I also feel the positive energy. It’s amazing how iPad’s features enhance my creative experience which also helps me with my own wellness,” she says.

Looking ahead, Luhan has already begun to receive commissions for digital illustrations within community projects, such as promoting produce from a local farm. These types of projects make her happy that she can help communities connect with each other in a positive way.

“My hope is to embark on a career that supports turning my passions and strengths into something that’s meaningful and useful to society.”


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