Brad Bergsma
Northwest Kansas Technical College, United States

Forging a new, sustainable future for farming.

Bergsma comes from a fifth-generation farming family. He cares deeply about farmers and their success because they represent a vital part of America’s economy and culture. Bergsma chooses Apple technology to power his precision agriculture research. iPad Pro and iPhone are his primary tools for exploring how different technologies can make farming more productive, efficient, and cost effective.

With apps on iPad Pro, he controls sensors on machinery and flies drones to collect water and temperature data. Bergsma shares his findings with the farming community to help the industry innovate farming techniques at a global scale.

iPad Pro. Bergsma uses apps on iPad Pro like Climate FieldView to capture, monitor, and measure all of his agriculture research data — like water irrigation and crop nutrition — from seeding to harvest.

iPhone. From the greenhouse to the field, Bergsma uses iPhone wherever he goes. The convenience and flexibility allow him to check the weather, capture images, and measure soil moisture on the fly.

“From controlling equipment to field management — the Apple ecosystem is at the heart of everything we do.”
Brad Bergsma Instructor, Researcher, and Chief Information Officer
Northwest Kansas Technical College, United States


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