Dr. Mayuree Srikulwong
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thailand

Leading the next class of business leaders.

17K+ Students Enrolled at UTCC
1:1 iPad for Faculty and Students

Growing up in rural Thailand, Dr. Srikulwong learned early on how to create opportunities for herself to succeed. She worked multiple jobs while studying for her computer science degree — without even having access to a computer. Now, as a professor, she is mentoring Thailand’s budding entrepreneurs. Dr. Srikulwong uses iPad Pro to teach computational thinking and help her students solve real problems in the community.

After students conduct their own research with iPad, Dr. Srikulwong shows them how to use Swift Playgrounds to design apps that solve the local challenges they’ve discovered. The app includes interactive coding puzzles and playgrounds that provide instant visual feedback, so students can see the outcomes of their ideas immediately and explore different paths to creating positive change.

“iPad gives my students a new voice to positively impact the lives of others in a powerful way.”
Dr. Mayuree Srikulwong Assistant Professor of Science and Technology
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce


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