D’Incao Instituto de Ensino
Bauru, Brazil

This school drives real impact with Apple technology in and out of the classroom.

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At D’Incao Instituto de Ensino in Brazil, students aren’t just learning about positive change — they’re making it happen. School director and founder Pedro D’Incao, along with his brother and co-founder Carlos D’Incao, chose to bring Apple technology into the classroom from day one. The school takes on issues like climate change and social justice, and they’ve found that Apple is a perfect partner that shares their values.

“Knowledge is much more than words in a book. Everything is connected. It’s not just training in subjects like physics or history or coding, but showing how to integrate them into the real world,” says Pedro D’Incao. “That’s one reason why every student here has an iPad. We’ve seen the difference in how students learn when they can take it into the field.”

Every student from primary through high school is treated as a changemaker, and is encouraged to have an impact on the world and the people in it. One biology class focused on learning about blood types. After gaining coding skills through Everyone Can Code resources from Apple, students used iPad to build an app that connects blood banks to people in need of transfusions.

Taking their learning outside, an environmental science class went to a nearby river to investigate their local water supply. They brought iPad and wireless sensors to collect data about water quality, captured videos to document their experiences, and created a Keynote presentation to share their findings with the local government.

“With tools and resources from Apple and the context they get from their studies, students learn that they can really have an impact. That it’s possible for them to analyze things in a critical way and have a voice.”
Pedro D’Incao School Director and Founder, D’Incao Instituto de Ensino


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