Belkin UltraGlass Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 12 | 12 Pro

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  • Overview

    Belkin UltraGlass Privacy with German-engineered technology delivers the next generation of screen protection for iPhone. Protect what matters most with UltraGlass Privacy that offers advanced two-way side-view filter technology and superb screen protection. It gives you full-screen privacy in portrait mode along with the flexibility of sharing your screen in landscape mode.

    Up to 2X stronger than tempered glass

    First-of-its kind glass. Lithium Aluminosilicate (LAS) provides upgraded strength, flexibility, and premium scratch resistance. LAS films can survive drops from 2x the height of conventional aluminosilicate/tempered glass.

    Double ion-exchange strengthened

    Chemically toughened using a double Ion-Exchange Strengthening that was precisely engineered for impact & scratch protection.

    Flawless Touchscreen Experience

    Precision touch sensitivity through intelligent glass composition that reacts like your phone’s own screen, ensuring every touch is transferred accurately for a flawless touchscreen experience. Incredibly slim at just 0.29mm, you hardly notice the ultra-tough layer of protection.

    Full-Screen Privacy

    Advanced two-way, side view filter technology provides ultra-privacy for your screen.


    Up to 2X stronger than tempered glass pro

    Double ion-exchange strengthened

    Flawless touchscreen experience

    Full-Screen Privacy

    Professional application available in Apple Stores with Screen Protection Application System

    Includes Easy Align tray for precise application at home

    What’s in the Box

    Belkin UltraGlass Privacy Screen Protector

    Easy Align tray

    Cleaning cloth

    Dust removal sticker

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No.: 745883812431


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