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Building brick by brick by app.

The entire construction industry is going through its own renovation, all thanks to mobile apps and Apple products. Instead of reams of blueprints and paper documents, superintendents now just carry an iPad around job sites. Timesheets, safety reports, and maintenance records can be accessed as easily as opening an app. Frames, walls, roofs, and construction materials can be recorded and remembered with the camera on iPhone and iPad, streamlining project documentation like never before. iOS and iPadOS apps have become as vital to construction as concrete itself.

Apple in action.

Occupational Safety

With Apple Watch, workers have fall detection and Emergency SOS right on their wrists. iPhone and iPad ensure that the latest safety information is always easily accessible.

Project Management

iPad allows your team to organize and communicate complex project details in the field. They can precisely mark up blueprints and sign contracts with Apple Pencil.

Virtual Walkthroughs

Virtual walkthroughs on iPhone and iPad keep construction crews up to speed and clients up to date. And with features like LiDAR and the Pro camera system, creating them is easy too.

By building iOS apps that are as intuitive to use as a shovel, we have transformed the way our business captures data at the coalface, enabling and connecting our field-based staff.

Amanda Lawrey Group Digital Manager, Fulton Hogan
88Years in business
4.5KField service workers
$3MIn saved costs

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