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Together we turn apps into opportunities.

Apple is committed to helping developers turn their brightest ideas into apps that change the world. That’s why the App Store helps you from start to finish — to build, test, market, and distribute your products and grow your business. Our marketplace is secure, trusted, and accessible — connecting you to over 1.5 billion devices in 175 regions. The App Store and you. Together every step of the way.

Five platforms.
Infinite possibilities.

Over a decade of trust and success.


A rich experience for each platform.

Curated collections. Created by real people.

Automatic access to new technologies and features.

90% of iPhone devices issued in the last four years run iOS 14 or newer, so more app users can enjoy the latest technologies.

We make it easy to reach over 1.5 billion Apple devices.

Get a jump‑start on development.

Over 250,000 APIs for virtually any hardware or software task imaginable.

Accessibility is built into our frameworks.

Harness the world’s largest platform for AR.

Build more intelligent experiences with machine learning.

We help you learn, build, troubleshoot, and launch.

Tools for every stage of development.

There are over 34M registered Apple Developers from 227 regions.


Xcode Cloud.


Get your app ready to launch across Apple devices
with TestFlight.
Now on Mac.


Test how elements of your app product page perform.


Customize your app product page for different audiences.

Learn from us. And from each other.

Access to cutting‑edge technology.

We provide over 170K technical documents and sample code to help you build your apps.

We review over 90% of apps within 24 hours.

Consulting, diagnosing, resolving. We’re here for you.

It’s more than a build. It’s a business.

Choose a business model that works for you.

Over 650M people visit the App Store each week.

Apple has paid out over $320B to developers selling digital goods and services since 2008.

With the App Store Small Business Program you can keep more. So you can do more.

Verified payments, property protection, and help with taxes.

85% of apps are free, and developers pay nothing to Apple.

Over 50% of downloads come from outside a developer’s home region.

Take your app global with Apple machinery.

Each month, we analyze billions of anonymized data points that give developers valuable business insights.

Since 2020, over 250M user ratings and reviews were removed for not meeting moderation standards.

We can even help with marketing — both on and off the App Store.

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Help users discover and rediscover your app with in‑app events.

We featured over 130K apps on the App Store and across Apple channels.

The app economy is big business. And getting even bigger.

The iOS app economy has driven growth and employment.

A study found that in 2020 the App Store facilitated over $643B in commerce globally.*

Make great apps
for the App Store.

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