Dr Sathya Gopalakrishnan
The Ohio State University, United States

Shifting human behaviour to save the planet.

Growing up in a coastal region of India, Dr Gopalakrishnan experienced first-hand how climate change can impact a community. She has since combined her passion for the planet with her love of education to drive positive change. She teaches her environmental economics students about the effects of human behaviour on climate change so that they can create a more responsible global footprint through their future careers.

Apple technology turns her lecture hall into a dynamic think tank. With built-in accessibility features, like Dictation and AssistiveTouch, iPad Pro empowers Dr Gopalakrishnan to engage and illustrate content in real time, while Apple Pencil gives her an all-in-one interactive tool to sketch, draw and mark up content.

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Dr Gopalakrishnan uses Explain Everything Whiteboard on iPad to record and capture her environmental economics lessons, break down abstract charts and graphs, and show her students how to solve complex mathematical problems in real time.

“iPad has transformed the way I lead my classes. It gives me the freedom to engage with my students in a way I could not before.”
Dr Sathya Gopalakrishnan Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural,

Environmental and Development Economics
The Ohio State University


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