Dr Youngmoo Kim
Drexel University, United States

Pushing the boundaries of creative expression.

A musician and engineer, Dr Kim’s passion and research lie at the intersection of performing arts and technology. He has chosen Apple technology to power his innovation lab, so he can foster an environment where magical ideas are discovered in unexpected places.

Visualising sound with colour, bending notes on a piano and even integrating smart fabrics with robots are all supported by Mac. And Dr Kim brings the wonders of music and technology to the world by using Apple’s developer tools to build apps that support community efforts and enable access for everyone.

MacBook Pro. Mac easily handles pro music and visualisation apps — like Logic Pro and MATLAB — to push the boundaries of Dr Kim’s machine listening research using instruments and robots he builds himself.

iPad Pro. Dr Kim develops iPadOS apps that bring people together to collaborate and feel connected. His Virtual‑Chorister app captures individual recordings and performances from musicians around the world to create virtual music ensembles.

“I seek a world that places no limits or barriers on human creativity.”
Dr Youngmoo Kim Director, ExCITe Center
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Drexel University


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