Finely tuned. To you.

Better understand your daily health status using your overnight vitals.1

See how workouts may impact your body over time. And discover new features that make Apple Watch undeniably yours. That’s watchOS 11.

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Activity Rings

Pause your rings

Move, Exercise, and Stand rings show your daily activity, and the goal is to close them every day. But if you need to take a break, you can now put your rings on pause for a day, week, month, or more and keep your award streak going.

More customizable than ever

Now you can adjust your Activity ring goals for every day of the week. So you get the motivation you need on the days you need it.

An Apple Watch screen displays a Move goal of 800 calories.

New ways to serve up your Summary

Add, move, or remove metrics in the Summary tab of the Fitness app on iPhone — to include what matters to you most. And check out new metrics for running, cycling, swimming, and more.

An iPhone in the center of several screens showing customization options for the summary page in the Fitness app.


For a better understanding of your daily health status

Your overnight health data in one convenient place.

See what’s typical for you

Vitals establishes a typical range for each of your health metrics collected as you sleep. So you’ll always know at a glance how your metrics are stacking up.

A screen displaying respiratory rate and the message "Within Typical Range."

Know when to pay more attention to your body

If multiple metrics are ever outside your typical range, you’ll receive a notification along with context for factors that may be involved — like medications, elevation, or even illness. All to help you know when it’s a good idea to pay closer attention to your body.

Training Load

A new tool to help athletes achieve their goals

Training load helps you see how the intensity of your workouts may impact your body over time. So you can make informed decisions about how and when to adjust your workouts — especially when you’re training for a big event. You can also see your overnight vitals for additional insights. Review your training load in the Activity app.

Three Apple Watch Ultra screens displaying training load trends over a one week period from left-to-right ranging from Below, to Steady, to Well Above

Track your effort

After completing most cardio-focused workouts in the Workout app, you’ll be able to review a new effort metric in the summary indicating how hard you exercised. Your pace, elevation, heart rate, and personal data like age, height, and weight are factored into each rating.

Know if you’re undertraining or overdoing it

Training load compares the intensity and duration of your workouts over the last seven days to what you’ve done over the previous 28 days. It then classifies your current training load on a scale from well below to well above — to help you understand the relative strain on your body and decide if it’s sustainable.

An iPhone screen displaying training load metrics from the last rated workout.

Photos Face

Picture-perfect images, curated for you

Powered by machine learning, the redesigned Photos face can search thousands of photos in your library, intelligently analyze them, and select the best compositions, framing, and image quality for your watch. To give the people, places, or things you love the star treatment.

Filter your favorites

Select specific people, pets, nature, or cities, and watchOS 11 will find the best shots and serve them up.

Several Apple Watch photo faces are stacked above a filter menu

More ways to make it yours

Now you can customize the time size and layout, choose your favorite font, and get creative with bold colors, tricolor, or something unique to you. There’s script support for additional languages, too.

Three photo faces on Apple Watch hardware display varying imagery, time size, and language script

Cycle Tracking

A new focus on pregnancy

When you add a pregnancy in the Health app on iPhone or iPad, Cycle Tracking will now display your gestational age and track your pregnancy across all your health charts.3

An Apple Watch screen displays pregnancy tracking with the symptom 'Appetite Changes'. An iPhone screen displays gestational age and pregnancy tracking in the Cycle Tracking app.

Designed for your privacy

Your health data stays on your device and is encrypted when your Apple Watch is locked with a passcode. And it’s never shared without your permission.

Smart Stack

More intelligent than ever

Widgets show up automatically based on time, location, and more. Like if rain is coming.

Always know the latest

Live Activities are now supported on Apple Watch and appear in the Smart Stack. So you can stay on top of the latest sports scores or know when your Uber is about to arrive.

An Apple Watch screen displaying the Uber app widget

More capable, too

Brand-new widgets include severe weather alerts, Training Load, Photos, Distance, and Shazam. And you can directly access three items you used most recently in an app — like your three most recent Workout types or songs you’ve played.

A selection of new app widgets for watchOS

Check In

Peace of mind on your wrist

Check In lets you automatically notify a friend or loved one when you’ve arrived at a destination.4 Start a Check In from Messages by entering your destination or arrival time.

A memoji with Messages icon indicating Check In

Check In from your workout

Going for a run after dark? Now you can start your workout and a Check In at the same time from the Workout app on your watch.


Enhanced GPS positioning

See distance and route maps for more workouts. Including row, row, rowing your boat.

Custom Workouts for pool swims

Your Apple Watch can now automatically guide you through timed intervals of work and recovery in the pool — with haptics to let you know when it’s time to move to the next interval.

An Apple Watch screen displays the timing of a custom pool swim workout

See what’s coming

Now you can see an Up Next workout view for any Custom Workout you create, allowing you to see what’s remaining in your current interval and what’s coming next.

An Apple Watch Ultra screen displays the time of the current interval and what remains in the custom workout


The world on your wrist

With support for 20 languages, see a translation simply by typing or dictating a phrase. You can play the translation out loud and slow it down if need be. And you can use the Translate app on your watch without your iPhone simply by downloading a language.

A screen displaying the Translate app translating a phrase from English to Korean

Now in the Smart Stack

Add the Translate app to your Smart Stack for easy access.5 Or when you’re traveling to a location where a different language is spoken, your watch will intelligently add the widget for you. Talk about smart.

An Apple Watch screen displaying the Translate app widget in the Smart Stack.

Double Tap

Still magical, even more capable

Scroll through any app hands-free with the double tap gesture. Including the Weather app.

An Apple Watch screen displaying the Weather app

The double tap API is available for third‑party apps

Now developers can tap into double tap.

And so
much more.

Ultra Wideband home keys.

Now you can unlock your door as you approach, without having to hold your watch to the lock.6

Enhanced ticketing.

See more information on tickets in your Wallet, like directions to the parking lot, show times, and more. Events will also appear as Live Activities in your Smart Stack.


Maps offers hikes for all 63 U.S. national parks. Save them to your watch to use offline and get turn‑by‑turn voice guidance.

watchOS 11

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watchOS 11 requires iPhone Xs or later with iOS 18 and one of the following Apple Watch models:

  • Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Apple Watch Series 8
  • Apple Watch Series 9
  • Apple Watch Ultra
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2

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