Interns, Undergrads, and Grads

Gain more than experience.
Gain an Apple experience.

Two Apple employees collaborate on iPhone case design

We do things differently, and the results have revolutionised entire industries. You can add to it, whether you’re looking for an opportunity while you’re a student or you’re ready to start a career. So bring your curiosity and individuality to Apple, where you’ll develop professional skills, get hands-on experience and work with some of the best minds in the business.

Alexa holds an Apple Watch as she works at her desk.

The first thing Alexa learned was that this wasn’t a typical first job.

When did you realise a position at Apple was different from others?

After graduation, I started work as a software engineer in Cupertino. After only one day of orientation, I was immediately fixing bugs and pushing code to the Health app for iOS. Within a week, I got to see something I worked on running on my iPhone and Apple Watch. That really made me see how much Apple believes in the work of everyone, even recent grads.

Why does working on the Health app matter so much to you?

I’m passionate about the ways software can help people improve their own well-being. I think there’s incredible promise in leveraging technology that users already love — iPhone and Apple Watch — to provide insight into personal health. It’s exciting to be a part of the team that’s bringing all this to the world.

How do you feel you’ve made an impact at Apple?

At one meeting, I spoke up about one aspect of reproductive health and menstrual tracking in our app. My team really listened, and my feedback was incorporated. That’s one reason I love working at Apple — people don’t pull rank. Even if you don’t have much experience, your thoughts have a really long reach.

Interns and grads don’t just learn on the job at Apple. They’re also expected to share their knowledge and contribute innovative solutions to their teams.

Opportunities while you’re in education

Internships for Undergraduates and Post-Grad Students

At Apple, interns are an important part of the team. Whether you sign on for a summer internship or a placement during the academic year, you can work on critical projects, in the United States and around the world. As part of the Apple community, you’ll get a unique perspective on our process and those who lead it.

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Opportunities After You’ve Graduated

Apple Store Leader Programme

This is an immersive, two-year experience set in an Apple Store, where you’ll learn every aspect of running a multi-million-dollar business. You’ll be coached by seasoned leaders, and you’ll be a member of an extraordinarily talented ensemble cast. And you’ll finish the programme ready for a new challenge — the opportunity to apply for a leadership position with one of the most successful companies in the world.

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