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Apple is an investment in the future.

The banking industry is going through a rapid evolution. Legacy systems can be connected with new technologies to provide new experiences and seamless interfaces for customers and employees alike. Branches are being augmented by mobile bankers in the field and virtual consultations, all leveraging iPad. Bankers are also attracting top digital and engineering talent by providing device choice, including Mac. Financial information is increasingly dynamic, updated in real time, and accessible in an instant. What used to take days can now happen in seconds. Apple hardware and custom apps or partner solutions provide the power, ease, and security that forward-thinking banks need to completely reinvent banking.

Apple in action.

Information Management

Enhanced security features ensures mail, calendars and contacts are only opened by the right person, in trusted locations, and cannot be forwarded.

Customer Digital Demos

With an iPad in a retail branch, an associate can answer questions and demonstrate to customers how to bank digitally.


Tools including WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom can connect colleagues and customers around the world.

iPad enabled us to accomplish the impossible by reinventing our business processes and equipping managers with powerful tools to make our entrepreneur clients the most competitive in the world.

Eric Marineau Director, Mobility Expertise Centre, BDC
62KBusinesses supported
600Account managers
25KHours saved by account managers annually

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