iPad. Helping all the trains run safely.

With over 120 miles of track, Tokyo Metro subway lines are known for delivering their passengers quickly, reliably, and rarely ever with a delay. And with over 4 million daily passengers in 2020, smooth operations require important infrastructure maintenance, frequent tunnel inspections, and budgeting and planning years into the future. Crews used to carry field inspection books and digital cameras deep below the city. Now with only iPad, they can complete their duties in real time and repair plans can begin the next day.

At a glance

9Subway lines
4M+ Passengers moved per day

Apps work with stations.
Together an entire transit system can run smoothly.


Training for real with AR experiences.

Customer Service

Tourists can ask staff for directions.


An iPad can lead the
in a dark tunnel.


Better all along the line.

iPad helps streamline necessary tunnel maintenance.

The Liquid Retina display on iPad makes customer service easier in the station.

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